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Author: Smartkid37, Shelbylou
Rating: FR18
Summary: When the drudgery of cold cases is broken by the unthinkable - the the disappearance of six employees of NCIS - all of whom work closest to Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the MCRT Team Leader is left with no doubt that the culprit is someone with a grudge against him. As he races to figure out who and why while trying to find his team - things take a near-fatal twist and the shocking truth becomes clear. Even worse, their fate seems inescapable - with the outcome more devastating than even Leroy Jethro Gibbs could have ever expected.

All Warnings - for implied situations.

Categories: General > Angst, General > Drama, General > Suspense
Characters: Abby Sciuto, Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Any NCIS Character(s), Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, Jimmy Palmer, Leon Vance, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Original Character(s), Sarah McGee, Timothy McGee, Ziva David
Chapters: 24
Genre: Action, Angst, Dark, Drama, Episode Tag, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery
Warnings: Character Death, Disturbing Imagery
Series: None
Completed: No Word count: 109805 Read Count: 6130
[Report This] Published: 04/08/2014 Updated: 01/26/2015
Finding Home  ||  Reviews - 126  ||  starstarstarstarstar New! Table of Contents
Author: Gotta
Rating: FR21

Tim McGee travels from London to Athens to his new post and promotion. Come along as Tim meets his new team, explores more of the world and continues learning about life, love and family. There will be romance, adventure, family new and old, cases, drama. We’ll see old friends and make new ones. Find out just how small the world can be. Third story,  following “The Project”, in the series that began with “The Thought”. NOTE: have upped rating for language and occasional (het) love scenes.

Categories: Het, General > Action/Adventure, General > Drama, General > Family, Het > McGee/Other Female
Characters: Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, Jackson Gibbs, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Original Character(s), Other NCIS Character(s), Timothy McGee
Chapters: 138
Genre: Character Study, Drama, Friendship, Humor, Romance
Warnings: None
Series: Tim's New Life
Completed: No Word count: 535176 Read Count: 36966
[Report This] Published: 01/12/2014 Updated: 01/25/2015
Red  ||  Reviews - 3  ||  starstarstarstarstar New! Table of Contents
Author: DNAchemLia
Rating: FR15
Summary: Tony knew McGee was hiding something, but the truth something he never expected. How will the secret affect the team?

Categories: General > Suspense
Characters: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Timothy McGee
Chapters: 3
Genre: Dark, Horror, SciFi/Supernatural/Fantasy
Warnings: Disturbing Imagery, Violence
Series: None
Completed: No Word count: 7283 Read Count: 1297
[Report This] Published: 12/02/2011 Updated: 01/25/2015
Never Tell!  ||  Reviews - 0  ||   New! Table of Contents
Author: Callen37
Rating: FR18
Summary: Callen and Kensi are closer than anyone else thinks, So what happens when the others find out what they have kept from the rest of the team, Starts before S1 goes through to S5 with time jumps... CaKe... WIP

Categories: General > Family, General, NCIS:LA
Characters: Any NCIS:LA Character(s), Eric Beale, G. Callen, Henrietta Lange, Kensi Blye, Lara Macy, Leon Vance, Marty Deeks, Nate Getz, Nell Jones, Original Character(s), Other NCIS:LA Character(s), Sam Hanna
Chapters: 28
Genre: Alternate Universe, Drama, Episode Tag, First Time, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Warnings: Abuse, Disturbing Imagery, Sex, Violence
Series: None
Completed: No Word count: 72477 Read Count: 2394
[Report This] Published: 09/28/2013 Updated: 01/22/2015
Author: Briwd
Rating: FR13

A riff on DC Comics' Crisis on Infinite Earths, where a group of superheroes from alternate realities - all of whom happen to resemble Kate Todd - are gathered to fight a group of villains resembling Ari Haswari. While Ari has a villainous version of Kate as his consort, the 'Kate League' have their own allies, such as another JLA and a team of agents who live on borrowed time.

Categories: General > Suspense, General, Crossovers, General > Action/Adventure, General > Sci-Fi/Supernatural/Fantasy
Characters: Abby Sciuto, Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Ari Haswari, Caitlin "Kate" Todd, Crossover Character(s), Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, Jenny Shepard, Jimmy Palmer, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Paula Cassidy, Timothy McGee, Ziva David
Chapters: 16
Genre: Action, Alternate Universe, Crossover, Humor, SciFi/Supernatural/Fantasy
Warnings: None
Series: None
Completed: No Word count: 33951 Read Count: 707
[Report This] Published: 07/12/2014 Updated: 01/21/2015
Breath on a Mirror  ||  Reviews - 0  ||   New! Table of Contents
Author: Callen37
Rating: FR13
Summary: A companion piece to Re-Check, How did Tony come to live with Gibbs and be adopted. This is a WIP and will be posted as an when chapters become finished. This will be finished I do not abandon stories. This is a Father/Son fic.

Categories: General > Family, General, General > Angst
Characters: Abby Sciuto, Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Sr., Any NCIS Character(s), Caitlin "Kate" Todd, Diane Gibbs Fornell Sterling, Dr. Donald "Ducky" Mallard, Emily Fornell, Hollis Mann, Jenny Shepard, Jimmy Palmer, Kelly Gibbs, Leon Vance, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Mike Franks, Shannon Gibbs, T. C. Fornell, Timothy McGee, Tom Morrow
Chapters: 2
Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst, Dark, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: Abuse, Character Death
Series: None
Completed: No Word count: 4880 Read Count: 164
[Report This] Published: 01/16/2015 Updated: 01/21/2015
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