Road Narrative Challenge by Enthusiastic Fish

Issued by K9Lasko

The Road Narrative Challenge

Your challenge is to take your favorite (or least favorite) character(s) on an actual, tangible journey-- from point A to point wherever on a map. Your story must be primarily based around this journey. Why are they on this journey? What situations and difficulties do they encounter? What do they learn about each other, about themselves, and/or about the world that surrounds them? Are they escaping something or trying to find something? These are just a few ideas. You are free to follow your creativity.

Fanfiction examples: Enthusiastic Fish's "Out of the Badlands" or my WIP "Two Hundred Miles" (FR18); let me know of any other good examples.

So what's a "road narrative" anyway?

"Viewed as everything from an extension of frontier ideology to the expression of counter culture, the road narrative genre has been an enduring and popular American cultural form. Whether mainstream or marginal, road narratives feature a protagonist (or pair) who embraces the geographical freedom represented by the automobile in order to attain a range of other mobilities—from the psychological and sexual to the social and economic."

---Borrowed from

"Road trips can be exhilarating adventures, soporific slogs, and treacherous travails. They can excite the passions and inspire the mind, and they can dull the senses and ruin the body. They can be pilgrimages to a specific place or journeys into the self, communal endeavors or exercises in solitude. They can prompt a new awareness of others, even as they can produce isolation, alienation, and antipathy. They can synthesize human and machine in elegant ways, or they can be disasters of malfunction and helplessness."

---Borrowed from

Here are the specs:

Characters-- Any of the main cast + recurring characters/original characters
Rating-- Any
Genre: Any**
Length requirements-- 2,500 words minimum, no maximum

Deadline-- July 31, 2014

**No crossovers or sequels/prequels, unless approved.

You are free to cross-enter into other challenges, providing the other challenger agrees.

Categories: Slash / Femslash, General, Het
Characters: Any NCIS Character(s)
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Author: fallenangel218
Rating: FR15
Summary: Sequel to "Seasons in the Sun." Tony and Tim's road trip plans take a disastrous turn after Tony's car breaks down, and a fight separates them as they look for help.

Categories: General > Action/Adventure, General
Characters: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Timothy McGee
Chapters: 8
Genre: Action, Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None
Challenges: Road Narrative Challenge
Series: None
Completed: Yes Word count: 8102 Read Count: 2374
[Report This] Published: 08/21/2014 Updated: 10/31/2014
Past Featured StoryAuthor: Enthusiastic Fish
Rating: FR13

Entry in the Road Narrative Challenge and sequel to Out of the Badlands.

Set in season 11. After Tony comes back without Ziva, Tim decides to suggest another road trip to help Tony feel better about how things turned out. It's slightly AU because it builds on events that happened in Out of the Badlands, but most of it stands on its own.

Categories: General, General > Drama
Characters: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Timothy McGee
Chapters: 10
Genre: Drama, Friendship
Warnings: None
Challenges: Road Narrative Challenge
Series: Road Trip
Completed: Yes Word count: 22803 Read Count: 3065
[Report This] Published: 10/31/2014 Updated: 10/31/2014
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