HBO/Showtime Challenge by Enthusiastic Fish
Summary: *Issued by Briwd* The HBO/Showtime Challenge

Challenge: Mix the NCIS Major Case Response Team, from any completed season, with one of the many comedies or dramas shown on U.S.-based pay cable channels HBO and/or Showtime, going back to the mid-1980s (HBO) and into the present (HBO and Showtime). Wikipedia may be your friend in picking a program: ... ast_by_HBO ... y_Showtime

Given that there are so many pay channels offered worldwide, I've opted to narrow it down to HBO and, by request, Showtime, both channels available here in the states. These programs may or may not be found on equivalent or other channels in other countries.

Ideas: this is just the tip of the iceberg, and I have no doubt you can come up with some excellent ideas of your own.

* The team catches a case involving a former Marine turned NFL star who's accused of a crime; he's represented by Arliss Michaels, who's doing everything he can to protect his agency's client and giving Gibbs grief in the process (Arliss)

* The MCRT catches a case in Miami that leads them to Dexter Morgan - or the serial killer finds himself covering up a murder in Rock Creek Park (Dexter)

* Gibbs finds himself embroiled in a game of cat-and-mouse with Nicholas Brody, while Carrie Mathison tries in vain to convince Vance of the danger Brody presents to America and to the MCRT (Homeland)

* Tony, McGee or Gibbs in the Oswald State Correctional Facility (Oz)

* Gibbs crosses paths with Tony Soprano (Sopranos)

* The Wire - DiNozzo is drawn back into the dysfunction of the Baltimore PD's Homicide department; the team runs afoul of Marlo Stanfield, who goes far beyond what anybody expected and makes an alliance with Ari Haswari to murder its members; Gibbs reaches back to Baltimore to hire McNulty, Griggs, Carver, Sydnor or someone else; DiNozzo, trying to help one of the street kids, gets set up, and Gibbs has to fight both Vance and the mayor, the police and Barksdale/Stringer to save his agent.

* Ducky tells a story about an ancestor who found himself in Deadwood - and the team ends up catching a case that sends them back to modern-day Deadwood

* The team has to protect Kenny Powers from terrorists (Eastbound and Down)

* Vance orders the team for psych evaluations by Dr. Paul Weston (In Treatment)

* A case sends Ziva back to Los Angeles, and in turn reopens a chapter in her life involving one of the characters from the L Word (L Word)

* Ellie is missing - and after much work, and the team snooping around where it shouldn't, Gibbs discovers she's been drafted against her will into a deep classified op titled "Stargate" (Stargate SG-1)

Characters: Seasons 1-11. The main NCIS characters should be the ones who were the main ones from 1-11. All supporting characters are welcomed as supporting characters.

Los Angeles - if a show is based in Los Angeles, the NCIS: LA team can be brought in as supporting characters.

Story length: 1,000 word minimum, no maximum

Number of stories: Three per person.

Rating cap: None. This IS HBO and Showtime, after all.

Genre: Any. The point is to tell a great story.

Restrictions: Keep the rating appropriate to the show, and I also ask that the characterizations reflect what's been shown on the TV show in question. That said, slash/femslash is okay.

Other: obviously this loans itself to AU scenarios, so be creative! Also, it would be most helpful if you give a link that would help me get caught up on the HBO show in question. Slash/femslash is okay.

Challenge is Due December 1, 2014.

Good luck!
Categories: Crossovers, General, Het, Slash / Femslash
Characters: Any NCIS Character(s), Any NCIS:LA Character(s)
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