Thinking of Others Challenge by Enthusiastic Fish

*Issued by Jeanniefan78*

Thinking of Others Challenge

I've been thinking about this challenge idea for a while now. Thinking of others can be taken so many different ways. Your challenge,should you choose to accept it, is to write a story in which one or more of the characters does something nice for someone else. :)

Possibilities can include:
-They can volunteer at a homeless shelter, serving food or handing out clothes and other necessities.

-They can offer to buy lunch or dinner for someone who is feeling down (can be anyone on the team or someone outside of the agency).

-They can buy a gift for someone (for a holiday or a birthday or just something to encourage the person and let them know they care).

-They can encourage someone who is feeling down.

-Maybe someone gets a butt chewing by someone for being a whiner or complaining or being selfish and they are challenged to think of someone besides themselves.

-They do something for a soldier or a veteran to say thank you for serving their country.

-Maybe they encourage someone who has lost a loved one.

-They stand up for someone being mistreated.

Those are just a few ideas and as you can tell, the possibilities are endless. You can use one or more of those ideas or you can use one of your own. The point is to get your chosen character or characters thinking of others and doing something nice for someone else. :)


Characters: You can use any of the main characters you want. Whomever you choose is up to you. But any or all of the main characters can be in the story. You can include other recurring characters if you like, except for Ari, MAllison, or Sam Ryan.

Rating: No higher than FR13.

Genres: Any that would blend well with your chosen storyline.

Pairings: For romance, only het pairings. Friendship wise, anyone you like.

Restrictions: No slash, femmeslash, sex, sexual innuendo, or foul language.

Length: 500 words minimum, no maximum.

Crossovers: NCIS: LA is welcome. I only follow a few other shows, so if you have a crossover idea you're just dying to use, please check with me first. :)

Sequels: I don't mind if this would be a sequel to something else you've written or in a series you're writing, but it needs to be able to stand alone or you'll need to give me a brief explanation of the background/backstory that this one will follow.

Spoilers: I don't mind spoilers. I'm up to date on all seasons.

Other: You can enter up to three stories. And I'm totally okay with you using the story(ies) in another challenge as long as the other challenge issuer is okay with it.

Deadline: November 21st

I think's all for now. If anyone has any questions, please don't hesitate to ask. :) Go forth and write, folks. I'm really excited to see what you all come up with. :)
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