Making Music Challenge by Enthusiastic Fish
Summary: *Issued by flootzavut* It's the

Making Music


Tony: I once dated my high school music teacher.
Abby: Really. What was his name?
Tony: Cute.
just because this quote is vaguely relevant and makes me laugh :evillaugh:

For this challenge, I want you to write a story that in some way features a musical instrument!

As some of you know, I play a few instruments to varying degrees of proficiency. If something is lying around, chances are that sooner or later I will at least have a go on it. Just recently I've been having a go at learning the ukulele, and it got me to thinking about one of our favourite characters learning, or maybe some instrument being involved in a case, and thus this challenge was born!

So, write me a story, and make it musical ;)

It doesn't have to involve one of the team learning or playing an instrument, though that would be fun ;D you can go with it where you want.

Maybe someone on the team plays something unusual or funny, and is scared of the others finding out. Maybe Tony is trying to renew his musical skills to impress a girl. Maybe Gibbs actually makes himself a guitar to play in his cabin - or takes up making some other kind of instrument. Lots of them are made of wood, after all! Maybe Vance is driven nuts because Ducky has taken up the bagpipes and is practising them within earshot. Maybe Tim plays the theramin, or another kind of high tech/electronic instrument,

Or maybe the case involves a musician as the victim or the suspect, and the team get to know the person and his or her instrument. Maybe someone used a clarinet as a blunt instrument, or someone got a piano dropped on his head. Or maybe an instrument is evidence in a case, or has fingerprints or other forensic evidence on it, or an expensive instrument is itself the focus of an investigation.

You can make it canon or based around the actors' actual skills (eg we Tony has some ability on guitar (I want to say also piano? Not sure) and Michael sings, Ziva/Cote can sing, and in real life Pauley Perette sings in a band and writes songs, etc), or you can decide to bring in an instrument/skill set that is not canon at all.

There's obvious scope for song fics, but music has to somehow feature, not just be a source of inspiration (and bear in mind you can't post song lyrics as part of a story on FFN without risking being reported). You don't have to have in depth knowledge of the instrument you choose, it just needs to be integral to the story.

If in doubt as to whether a plot bunny fits, ask; the chances are I shall say go for it ;D and if you have any instrument related queries, if I don't know, I'll more than likely know someone who does, so please feel free to ask that too!

General Rules & Specs--

Characters: Whoever you like! Any of the regulars are fair game, but recurring and supporting characters are also very welcome, eg Borin, Fornell, Diane, etc, even bad guys like Harper Dearing, and feel free to use OCs, too. If there's a minor character you'd like to bring back to have a starring role, be my guest. (I'm not wild about MAllison or Sam Ryan, but if you write them, I'll read it!)

Crossovers: Absolutely! Any in the JAG-verse, others please check before writing to avoid disappointment, but I'm definitely open to suggestions and I'm familiar with a fair number of film, book and TV fandoms.

It's okay if the story is centred around or entirely set in the NCIS LA show :) (if I get my hands on NCIS NOLA, I'll include this also, but there's no certainty yet if I will get to see any of them before the deadline)

Pairings: Any or none; I'll read anything, I do have preferences and I'm open to telling you them if you want to butter me up ;) but I'm leaving it open.

Genre: Any except mpreg or extreme horror (just not my thing), besides that, go wild.

Rating & Warnings: Fr18 for torture/gore. I just don't have the stomach for explicit gore/horror porn! But besides that, wherever the muse takes you.

Length Requirement: Minimum 250, no maximum

Spoilers: general (such as Ziva leaving, Ellie joining, Ducky not dying of the heart attack, Abby meeting her brother, Jackson dying :'( etc) up to present, case specific spoilers (whodunnits, etc) only up to the end of season 10 (NCIS) and season 4 (NCIS LA) please!

I will accept sequels as long as you either make them standalone OR warn me in advance so I can read the backstory.

You can only get Karma for up to three entries, but if you write more than that (a girl can dream!) I will happily include them.

I'm very happy for you to use a story in this challenge that you're also using elsewhere? as long as the other challenger is okay with it - you don't need to check with me :)

Closing date is 1st May 2015. Go forth and create!
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Characters: Any NCIS Character(s)
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