57 Mount Pleasant Street Challenge by Enthusiastic Fish

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57 Mount Pleasant Street Challenge


Walking 'round the room singing Stormy Weather
At Fifty Seven Mount Pleasant Street


From Weather With You by Crowded House

This challenge has absolutely nothing to do with the song, I simply stole the address from the lyrics! I

The challenge is to write a story featuring a property with that address, it could be (and these are only suggestions):

The house Ellie and Jake buy after months of searching

A crime scene

Ducky’s home in Edinburgh when he was studying

A derelict house the neighbours say is haunted

A warehouse where drugs or explosives are being stored.

The property world is your oyster, but, and here it comes, part of your challenge is to show me the building, this is a chance for you to exercise your descriptive as well as your narrative writing skills. The description doesn’t have to be a big part of the story, although if you go for the smaller word count it can be, all I would like is to feel that I’m seeing what you see in your imagination.

Nitty Gritty:

Characters: Anyone who has ever appeared on the show as long as one of the current main characters is also featured.

Rating: FR18, I’ll read most things so go wild! 

Genre: Anything but crack!fic (I don’t get it) or Mpreg (ditto) 

Crossovers: Only with NCIS spin-offs and bear in mind I’ve given up on LA although I am familiar with the characters, and have only seen a few episodes of NOLA 

Length: Minimum 750 words, as for maximum…go where the muse takes you! 

Other challenges: Multiple challenge stories are fine by me, if the other challenge issuer is happy I am too. 

Entries are due 6 November 2015. There will be no extensions.

I’ll check in whenever I can so if you have questions, ask away!

Categories: Slash / Femslash, General, Het
Characters: Any NCIS Character(s)
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Author: DNAchemLia
Rating: FR15

While on a family road trip, Sarah McGee finds something she thought she had lost a decade ago.

Categories: General, General > Angst, General > Family, General > Sci-Fi/Supernatural/Fantasy
Characters: Sarah McGee, Timothy McGee
Chapters: 2
Genre: Alternate Universe
Warnings: None
Challenges: Future Fic Challenge, 57 Mount Pleasant Street Challenge
Series: Dead Reckonings 'verse
Completed: Yes Word count: 6351 Read Count: 1183
[Report This] Published: 07/24/2015 Updated: 07/29/2015
Author: K9Lasko
Rating: FR13
Summary: Tony thought this whole college move-in day would be easier than it's proving to be.

Categories: Slash / Femslash, Slash / Femslash > Gibbs/DiNozzo
Characters: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Original Character(s)
Chapters: 1
Genre: Alternate Universe, Drama, Fluff, Future
Warnings: None
Challenges: 57 Mount Pleasant Street Challenge
Series: None
Completed: Yes Word count: 2916 Read Count: 982
[Report This] Published: 07/25/2015 Updated: 07/25/2015
Author: Enthusiastic Fish
Rating: FR13

The final chapter of my Knowers and Demons series. One year after the Fracture, Tim is still struggling with his near extinction and whether or not he fits in the world. Tony is trying to help him, but it turns out that they left some traces of their actions.

Entry in the Supernaturally Inspired Challenge (Episode: The Man Who Knew Too Much) and 57 Mount Pleasant Street Challenge.

Categories: General, General > Sci-Fi/Supernatural/Fantasy
Characters: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Timothy McGee
Chapters: 6
Genre: Friendship, SciFi/Supernatural/Fantasy
Warnings: None
Challenges: Supernaturally Inspired Challenge, 57 Mount Pleasant Street Challenge
Series: Knowers and Demons
Completed: Yes Word count: 12755 Read Count: 1301
[Report This] Published: 10/21/2015 Updated: 10/21/2015
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