Gibbs & McGee Great Drama Challenge by Enthusiastic Fish

*Issued by Gossamer Moonglow*

The last two months, I have succumbed to the irresistible charm of Charles Spencer Chaplin. I have fallen deeply in love with his work. He's the greatest comedian cinema ever known (well, for me). Then why do I cry in almost every single one of his feature films? Because he was more than a comedian! His -as both his loyal fans and haters like to call it- 'pathos' and sentimentality is equal to no one else's. I laugh one moment and cry tears of pain the next.

Also it's been a long while since I could find a story about these two characters.

You challenge, should you choose to accept, is to take my two favourite characters -that is Gibbs and McGee- and write a story to make me both cry and laugh. Or just cry... I want drama, huge drama. It doesn't have to be tragedy though. I welcome all kinds of ending, happy or not.

The specifics: Gibbs and Tim and drama.

Length: Up to 50.000 words
Rating: Up to FR 15
Characters: Ah... well, Gibbs and Tim. Everyone is welcome but unnecessary. Just joking, add any other character you want to make the drama more dramatic. Drama needs supporting characters. Make sure said drama doesn't revolve around supporting characters though. They are there to support not to cause. To make this clear: the reason behind drama has to be in regards to Tim, Gibbs or both of them and not because of one of their team members. The death of a team meber would be a great idea for drama, for example, but that is NOT what I want here.
Genre: any
Things to be avoided at all costs: sex scenes, rape/non consensual relationships, keep swear words to a minimum - nothing that wouldn't be heard in the series and since apparently mpreg has become trendy for some reason that's a no as well.
Crossovers: No
Pairings: Up to you.
Multiple entries: No. One entry per writer for this challenge.
Other challenges: Sure
Keep the story up to season 8 or au because I have not watched the more recent seasons.

Due Date: August 20, 2016

The Gibbs & McGee Great Drama Challenge


Categories: Slash / Femslash, General, Het
Characters: Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee
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Author: akaeve
Rating: FR13

written or Gossamer's Charlie Chaplin challenge loosely based on the film Monsueir Verdoux

Categories: General
Characters: Abby Sciuto, Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Timothy McGee, Ziva David
Chapters: 4
Genre: Case Fic
Warnings: None
Challenges: Gibbs & McGee Great Drama Challenge
Series: None
Completed: Yes Word count: 4200 Read Count: 1309
[Report This] Published: 08/29/2016 Updated: 09/18/2016
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