Come back, Tony! Come back! Challenge by Enthusiastic Fish

*Issued by Enthusiastic Fish*

"Come back, Shane!"

I present the "Come back, Tony! Come back!" challenge. As I'm sure most people know, Michael Weatherly left NCIS and thus, Tony left NCIS. I'm not even watching the show anymore, and I know that. :) It is also well-known that Tony is one of the more popular characters on the show and I'm sure that many people wanted him back right when he left.

Your challenge is to write a story in which Tony returns. It can be in any capacity: back on Gibbs' team, taking over Gibbs' team, new director of NCIS (that'd be trippy), just on a different team in DC or even, just back in DC without working for NCIS. You can do it in a serious vein or in a goofy one. The one thing is that you can't kill him. That's what turned me off the show, ultimately: the random unnecessary deaths just to create drama. So when Tony comes back, he's got to be alive, not dead in a casket. :)

Note: This does not have to be completely based on canon. I haven't been watching the show in a couple of seasons and I don't care if you have his departure match with the show's. I only require that he has left and is now coming back.

The requirements:

Characters: Tony, obviously, and I'd prefer having others in the main cast make an appearance. I don't know any of the newest characters, but I don't mind if you incorporate them, just have one or two people I know. ;D

Genre: Gen only. I'm not in the mood for romance. But serious, humorous or crack!-y is fine. No death fics.

Rating: FR15 or lower

Word count: 1,000 min., no max.

Crossovers: Check with me, first.

Multiple entries: Yes, please. :) And you can double up with other challenges with the permission of the other challenger.

No-nos: No sex, minimal swearing, and it's already gen only.

Due: May 31, 2017

Categories: General
Characters: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Any NCIS Character(s)
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