Meet Cute Challenge by Enthusiastic Fish

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Meet Cute Challenge


Dear boy, the beginning of a movie is childishly simple. The boy and girl meet. The only important thing to remember is that—in a movie—the boy and the girl must meet in some cute way. They cannot [...] meet like normal people at, perhaps, a cocktail party or some other social function. No. It is terribly important that they meet cute.
-from Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter

Challenge Description: According to Wikipedia, a meet cute is a fictional scene, typically in film or television, in which a future romantic couple meets for the first time in a way that is considered adorable, entertaining, or amusing. This type of scene is a staple of romantic comedies, commonly involving contrived, unusual, or comic circumstances.

Your challenge is to write a story that has a meet cute scene.

Characters: Any of the characters who have appeared in the show, though I would prefer a main character (ie ones in the credits) be heavily featured. Please note that I haven't seen an episode of NCIS in ages (season 12 maybe?), so I kindly request that you do not heavily feature any of the newer agents.

Rating Cap: FR15

Genre: I’ll accept any genre for this challenge. Please no graphic descriptions of sex or swearing much beyond what we hear in the show. Crossovers are okay, but please have the "main" character of your story be an NCIS character.

Length: 500 word minimum, no maximum

Other: You may enter this in another challenge with the permission of the other challenger. Multiple entries are allowed (up to three).

Good luck!

The Meet Cute Challenge is due February 14, 2017.

Categories: Slash / Femslash, General, Het
Characters: Any NCIS Character(s)
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Author: thecookiemomma
Rating: FR7
Summary: Written for the "Meet Cute" Challenge.

What if Gibbs was still in the Corps?

Categories: Slash / Femslash > Gibbs/DiNozzo
Characters: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Caitlin "Kate" Todd, Leroy Jethro Gibbs, Mike Franks, Timothy McGee
Chapters: 1
Genre: Alternate Universe
Warnings: None
Challenges: Meet Cute Challenge
Series: None
Completed: Yes Word count: 1999 Read Count: 623
[Report This] Published: 02/08/2017 Updated: 02/08/2017
Good Aim  ||  Reviews - 0  ||   Table of Contents
Author: Enthusiastic Fish
Rating: FR7

Oneshot entry for the Meet Cute Challenge. Tim and Delilah's first meeting. In a crowded coffee shop.

Categories: Het, Het > McGee/Other Female
Characters: Delilah Fielding, Timothy McGee
Chapters: 1
Genre: Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: Meet Cute Challenge
Series: None
Completed: Yes Word count: 1176 Read Count: 426
[Report This] Published: 02/09/2017 Updated: 02/09/2017
One on One  ||  Reviews - 0  ||   Table of Contents
Author: PhoenixRising
Rating: FR15

Basketball isn't the only game being played. Inspired by and written for the Meet Cute challenge at NFA forum.

Categories: Slash / Femslash > DiNozzo/McGee, Slash / Femslash
Characters: Anthony "Tony" DiNozzo, Timothy McGee
Chapters: 1
Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: Meet Cute Challenge
Series: None
Completed: Yes Word count: 3674 Read Count: 588
[Report This] Published: 02/14/2017 Updated: 02/14/2017
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