Women's Experience Challenge by Enthusiastic Fish

*Issued by flootzavut*

“One of the most radical things you can do is to actually believe women when they talk about their experiences.”

—Anita Sarkeesian

I read this quote today, and I pretty much immediately thought "I want to read stories inspired by this."

This is a specific quote about specific experiences, specifically online, and if you're interested, the video is hosted http://www.geekgirlauthority.com/anita-sarkeesian-radical-thing-can-support-women-online/...

BUT I think it's applicable in many ways and many circumstances. The article in which it was quoted was about that trope in horror movies where a woman expresses trepidation about a given circumstance, is overruled, and then turns out to be right. It's also pertinent to how under reported rape is, because women are afraid (often with good reason) they won't be believed.

It also relates to how women frequently feel they have to be hyper vigilant, and end up having good intuition about situations based on past experience.

You can take this either way - show what happens when the woman is believed, or show what happens when she's not. If you want, you can rewrite a canon storyline asking the question "What if she had(n't) been believed, what if she had(n't) been dismissed. You can come up with something entirely new. As long as you are inspired by this quote, you're golden.


Characters and pairings: Anyone is fair game, though ideally at least one of the main title characters (from any season) should be part of the story, but I love loads of the recurring characters, so it's absolutely negotiable.

The woman whose experience is in question does not have to be a main or even canon character.

Pairings are welcome but not necessary. I will read anyone for challenge purposes. Recurring characters and OCs also welcome. Gen, het, slash, multiple pairings, etc are all fine.

Rating: I'm a wimp when it comes to extreme gore and I won't read torture porn, but that's the only thing I have a problem with. Otherwise, just go for it, as long as you warn appropriately.

Genre: Anything except crack!fic.

Length: Minimum 500 words, no maximum

Crossover: Crossovers with one or more fandoms are very welcome. Please check whether I know the fandom, so you can write for the fandom blind if necessary, but I love a good crossover!

In the unlikely event I have a lot of entries (a girl can dream!) I may split the field in a way that seems appropriate to the entries I have.

You're welcome to enter your story into other challenge(s) as long as it's okay with the other challenger.

You can only get karma for three entries, but as far as I'm concerned, if you write six stories for this challenge, that's fine with me! ;D You write it, I'll read it ;D

Closing date: August 1st 2017.

Categories: Slash / Femslash, General, Het
Characters: Any NCIS Character(s)
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