The NFA Community forums are down. We are working hard to correct the problem, but it may take some time to get it back up and running. If you wish you socially interact with your friends from the NFA, I have created an NFA CHAT server on Discord. Click the following link to join our channel. We have areas for general chat, SeSa, episodes, NCIS news and round robin. We can add more if we need to.

2017 SeSa Participants: If you participated in the 2017 Secret Santa Exchange, please note that I have created a new Challenge here on the storyboard for the SeSa 2017 stories. Please post your story here and attach it to that challenge. Be sure to include the story recipient's name in the title! (You can always change that later.) I know this is a hassle, but I really want everyone to get their stories.


If you have questions you may contact me at

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