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Reviewer: LadyTwyla Signed starstarstarstarstar [Report This]
Date: 05/03/2014 09:16 am Title: Observation

Nicely Ellie finally figured it out on her own...with just a little help from Gibbs.

But I must say, Gibbs seems to have mellowed along the way.  Or maybe, he's just "different" in how he teaches his lessons to "his boys".

Looking forward to seeing how Ellie comes along to be included in the family.

Love that you are back to writing.

Author's Response: I think Gibbs has mellowed, only a tiny bit, but he's not as acerbic as he once was, and we've had a definite reduction in the number of head slaps, about time too! Ellie will certainly appear again, not sure how good my characterisation will be as we're weeks behind episode-wise in the UK, but I have things for her to do... Thank you so much for leaving a comment, it's good to know someone is reading!:)

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