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Reviewer: PhoenixRising Signed [Report This]
Date: 11/14/2015 02:29 pm Title: afterward

I know you don't usually pair Gibbs/DiNozzo but the fact that you did floored me and how well you weaved it blew me away. You conveyed perfectly how messy relationships can get when sex enters the equation but they had both needed something and as Tony said, it helped, indeed. I could picture them both acknowledging the pain over losing Kate in this manner and losing themselves in each other to help them cope. This was beautiful and haunting and I dearly hope you write another story in this series to see how they dealt with the aftermath.

Author's Response:

I'd really like to write a third one, but so far I haven't worked out what it'll be. Watch this space.

I think of all of them, even just going by what we saw on screen, Tony and Gibbs would be in the best position for each of them to understand the other's pain in losing Kate. They each had very different relationships with her, but both of them had a degree of romantic and sexual charge to it, and she sparred with both of them, in different ways. The relationships were more alike each other than the relationships she had with anyone else, if that makes sense?

I like the idea they could be there and comfort each other, regardless of what the future did or didn't hold for them - whether it was the start of something, or whether it would just go down as that one night we had sex and never spoke of it again. I'd like to think that their existing relationship is such that, in a situation like this where they were both in pain and both reaching out (and neither was 'taking advantage', for example), it would be strong enough to survive even if this never became anything more than shared pain, a tumble in the sheets and a somewhat awkward morning after.

Though... I think the fact Gibbs went out of his way to lay one on Tony as he lefts suggests, at least in this version of events, that there's a possibility for more. It also isn't hard for me to imagine that certain cases or other situations might bring on a repeat... I should have a really thorough watch of season 3. The one that springs to mind is - I think it's called Bait? Where there's a kid with explosives strapped to his chest, and Gibbs gives himself as a hostage, and then Tony has to use Kate's death as a means to let Gibbs know the boy's mom is dead... I could see Gibbs being irrationally angry about it, and Tony feeling horrible about it, and then the way the mom wasn't dead after all might be salt in a wound. Plus Tony would probably be mad as hell at Gibbs for going in there, and Gibbs would likely be proud (probably silently...) of how Tony handled himself..

Hmmm, now you got me thinking... no guarantees, but I'll give these thoughts to my muse and see what the plot bunnies bring...

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