Summary: A burnt body is found in a Marine's home at Quantico with only a single fingerprint as forensic evidence. How did this Jane Doe die? Why? And is she even a Marine? And how does the murderer know Abby? Slight McAbby.
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Challenges: Crime Challenge
Series: All Fired Up
Chapter Notes
A/N: This is my first NCIS story. Each chapter is between 900 and 1,100 words (according to Microsoft Word), not including A/N's, unless I really need a shorter or longer chapter. Read and review, people! It's greatly appreciated, as I'm sure you all know.

Disclaimer: I do not own NCIS or any of the character's mentioned apart from Ian McLain and the dead body. I have no affiliation with NCIS or Donald Bellisario. No copyright infringement intended.
McGee grinned widely as DiNozzo sat down at his desk, pretending to be interested in something he had up on the computer screen in front of him. DiNozzo pulled up his email, and, curiosity getting the better of him, opened a new message from McGee first. The message was mostly boring, plain old everyday work information. However, the last line said ‘Oh, and Sarah wants to talk to you.’

“Your sister finally discovered her feelings for me, Probie?” DiNozzo asked.

McGee shrugged, his smile now contained. Leaning back in his desk chair, he grabbed Deep Six off the shelf behind him. “She just said to give you her email.”

DiNozzo clicked the address excitedly. As soon as he did, however, his computer screen went blue. There was a message in white lettering there, with McGee’s own personal touch.

Bet you wish you knew your way around a computer now, huh Tony?

~Very Special Agent Timothy McGee

DiNozzo glared at his coworker. “Oh, so you think that’s funny, do you?” he asked. McGee pretended to have no idea what he was talking about.“I have no idea what you’re talking about,” Tim said innocently.

“Fix his computer, McGee, he’s gonna need it,” Gibbs said, walking into the Squad Room. He reached over his chair and opened his desk drawer, pulling out his Sig Sauer. The other two stood up and grabbed their gear.

“Where to Boss?” DiNozzo asked.

“Quantico. Dead body.”

“Body?” McGee asked, following Gibbs to the elevator. DiNozzo trailed steps behind him. “Not a Marine?”

“Dead body on a Marine base in a Marine’s garage, found by…”

“A Marine,” DiNozzo completed.


The body was burnt badly, beyond recognition. The teeth had been completely destroyed, maybe punched out, and, according to Ducky, there probably wasn’t enough tissue for a DNA match.

“DiNozzo,” Gibbs said, slapping his agent on the back of the head. DiNozzo stopped staring at the hot girl watching the team from the sidewalk and turned to his superior. “Yeah Boss?”

“Interview the witness.”

DiNozzo adjusted his hat, looking around. Clearly, he wasn’t sure who the witness was. Gibbs turned his Senior Field Agent back towards the hot girl. Tony smiled. “My pleasure, Boss.”

It was McGee who found the glasses. He snapped a few pictures of them, resting a few feet from the body, then picked them up in latex- covered hands. “Boss, I think I found something,” he called. Gibbs walked over and took the glasses out of McGee’s hands. Black frames with clear red plastic on the ends, and rectangularish lenses. Carefully, Gibbs held them up to his face so he could look through them. “Nearsighted. Bag ‘em Mc-”

“Something wrong, Boss?” McGee asked. Gibbs was looking more closely at the glasses, eyes squinted slightly.

“The body was burned beyond recognition,” Gibbs said thoughtfully. “No DNA, no fingerprints. The teeth are shattered, so a dental match is impossible. So why leave the victim’s glasses?” They couldn’t be the killer’s- they would have needed to be able to see to leave.

McGee thought about it. “Maybe they didn’t notice.”

“Be that careful to hide their identity, then leave a pair of glasses with a perfectly clear finger print on it?” Gibbs put the glasses in the bag. “Tag them.”


“What’d you bring me, McGee?” Abby asked as the aforementioned Special Agent walked in, carrying a white evidence box. He slid it onto the shiny clean table.

“Not much, unfortunately,” Tim answered. “A pair of glasses with one print, a hammer, and some other possible weapons.” Tim walked back out of the room without another word. Abby’s face fell, as she wondered why he was leaving so quickly, and without a good bye or an ‘I need to get back to work.’ Just then, however, he came back, holding a long package in his hands, wrapped in trash bags. “What, is it my birthday, or something?” Abby asked jokingly.

The team hadn’t know how to bag the hockey stick McGee had found in the garage- it was obviously too big for the typical evidence bag. Eventually, they took two trash bags and put one on each end, then taped it around the middle. Then Gibbs had taped an evidence bag to it for the log. “It’s a hockey stick,” McGee explained, laying it on the table and pushing the other things Abby had already unpacked closer to her. He gestured to the things on the table as he continued. “Nothing is bloody. The body was in the middle of the garage, with scorch marks around it, but nothing else seemed to be touched. It was weird.”

Abby pulled the glasses out of the evidence bag and held them up to the light. “One perfectly clear, pristine print. The only thing ruining these other flawlessly clean glasses.”

“Gibbs wants you to run the print through AFIS right away, so we can ID the victim.”

Abby nodded and blocked McGee out without thinking about it. McGee was glad to see that Abby seemed to have recovered some from Ziva’s absence. She had been withdrawn and upset since Tony, Gibbs, and Vance had returned without the Mossad agent. It felt weird not having a woman on the team for once. McGee had had Kate, then, for a week, Paula Cassidy, and then Ziva. But now, it was just McGee, Gibbs, and an often- bitter Tony.

After excusing himself, McGee went up to the Squad Room. The team had nothing to go on until Ducky or Abby found something. The witness had only said that she had seen the body through the garage window when she ran by, trying to catch her runaway dog. No one else saw or heard anything until NCIS had shown up, and the owner of the house was a Lance Corporal Ian McLain, who was visiting his grandparents in New Hampshire. DiNozzo and McGee confirmed his location- DiNozzo called, McGee traced- and then, and then they had nothing to do. Until Gibbs walked into the Squad Room.

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