Summary: My first offical fan fiction writing, an original case I thought up one day.
Rated: FR7
Categories: General, General > Case File
Genre: Case Fic
Warnings: None
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Story Notes
I realize Emily is years younger. But for the sake of the plot, she's 23. Also, I apologize for any and all misspellings.
Emily tossed and turned in her bed. Her recent article was lurking around in her mind, pulling out great ideas and then snatching them away.

Finally, she sat up and left her room in her apartment, headed for her computer.

Sleep could wait. She had a new ground breaking story to write.

Emily was drawing from her childhood as the daughter of an F.B.I. agent. At the moment, she was working on an article for her recent assignment at the local paper. It was about a myterious string of dissapearences around the Virgina/Washington D.C. area.

She slid into her swivel chair in front of her laptop. She started the machine whirling.

Tapping her fingers on her desk, Emily began to create sentences in her head about the report. She opened a drawer and pulled out some of the facts on her subject.

What Emily found disterbing was that the dissapearances that were connected were all women ages 18 to -

Her train of thought ended there as a gloved hand clumsily wrapped it's way around her mouth and another tried to restrain her.

"Relax, Hannah, relax! It's me. I'm here to rescue you."


Tony was about to lob a small paper ball at Ziva's sleeping head when the elevator dinged open.

In stormed F.B.I. agent Fornell.

"Where's Gibbs?" he demanded of Tony as he tried to hide the paper and Ziva stirred.

"Here." Gibbs, as ever, stood off Fornell's shoulder with a cup of coffee.

"Conference room."

The two marched to the elevator. This time, Fornell flipped the emergency switch. The two men stood in silence in the dark elevator until Gibbs spoke.

"Where are your usual agents?"

"They didn't get ready in time. And your team has a stunning record."

"What do you need me to do?"

"She's gone, Jethro. Emily was kiddnapped."

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