Summary: Jenny is a high school kid living in DC with her father. One day she bumpes into a stranger with beautiful blue eyes that she can't forget. They meet again accidentally. What will happen ? It will a long year, specially for her. It is AU and pre-NCIS of course. I do stick with some characters from NCIS and some storylines, but not really.

Mainly Jenny and Gibbs story, but other characters make a brief appearance too.
Rated: FR15
Categories: General > Drama, Het > Gibbs/Jenny
Genre: Alternate Universe, Drama, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: Year in the Life Challenge
Challenges: Year in the Life Challenge
Series: None
The January had come with a lot of snow from the last year. It was cold and snowy and dark and lights were on windows, Christmas trees were still decorated in houses and everything was in a holiday mood.

'' 5....4....3....2....1.... Happy new year !! '' came from the center of Washington DC. Everybody was there to take on the new year. Jenny Shepard was 17 and she was standing in front of her door watching the fireworks, alone. That's how she took the new year that year.

Jenny walked back home from school. She was deep in her thoughts. Jenny was basically thinking about everything and how it all sucked. Her father had gone away again, some kind of mission in Paris. Her mother had died long time ago and she had no real boyfriend and her friends were not around that much. She had her housekeeper Naomi waiting in home and that was it. Her dream was always to become an special agent like his father has been for a long time, though he is now doing some other work, that she didn't know really.

She kept on walking home, while snow was falling even harder and harder. The wind was blowing on her face and she had her eyes closed. She bumped into someone. It was a guy about her age and he had blue shiny eyes. He was holding hands with a blonde.
'' Watch it, '' the girl said.
'' Sorry, '' Jenny apologized.
'' It's okay, '' the guy said.
'' Come on Jethro, let's go on, '' the girl dragged the guy, who was called Jethro.
Jenny had a look with Jethro, before she turned around and so did he. There was something about that guy, that made her knees weak and butterflies came to her belly. She shook her head on that thought – he was seeing someone and the chance of them meeting again was close to zero. He wasn't going to the same school as she, if he was in school at all. He seemed too old for high school, but it was actually none of her business.

Finally she arrived home. Naomi welcomed her as always and Jenny went to her room as always. She opened her diary to see that she had loads to study, but somehow her thoughts were closed with something else... Someone else to be more accurate. It was the guy called Jethro. The fact is that she knows nothing about him and he has probably forgotten her long ago.


Jethro sent his current girlfriend Hollis to home and then left. He excused by telling that he wasn't feeling that well. He walked through the heavy rain towards his apartment. He knew he was in a steady relationship, but that redhead, that bumped into him was all he could think about. There was something in her emerald eyes or auburn hair, something mysterious, but the same something that makes his stomach twist and knees weak. He sure wants to see that girl again and find out some more. He also knew that he shouldn't be thinking like that, but he couldn't help himself – there was something about her. He had always liked redheads a little more, but despite that his current girlfriend Hollis Mann was a blonde.

Gibbs finally got home. He sat on the couch and watched the ceiling. Somehow that woman with red hair just popped into his mind. He knew nothing about her, not even her name or her school, if she went there. He even didn't know that. He just felt in his gut that something will happen and that includes her. The weird feeling that he couldn't fight.

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