Summary: Gibbs is sent to Moscow for a mission. It's just a few months after Stephanie. His new partner comes out to be Jenny, who left him few years ago in Paris. And she has an issue. Callan, Decker, Ducky... are also there.
Rated: FR13
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Genre: Alternate Universe, Angst, Romance
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Jethro Gibbs was sent back to London and then to somewhere in Europe. He had gotten divorced from Stephanie in a few months ago. Feels like he has been living in Europe with different women for awhile now. First it was mainly Paris with Jenny, then Moscow with Stephanie... who's next and where now ? That's why he was sent to London office now – to get his new assignment and new partner and possible new beginning. Yeah, it's 2 years since Jenny left him. That's what he remembered, when he walked through the London airport. He remembered walking here with Jenny, but then he had her hand in his and he made sure no-one even looked at Jenny – she was his at the time. But that was a long time ago, somehow it feels like a lifetime has passed since he last saw her. Since she let him fly back to States with her coat and a Dear John letter. That's where their last memory is.


NCIS London station was like years ago – small, cozy and full of agents. He knew some of them, but most of the agents were strangers to him. Gibbs confidently walked past the desks and doors until he saw a familiar man there.

"Callan ?" he asked.

"Hey Gibbs. You arrived finally. How was your trip ?" Callan asked his friend as he hugged the older marine.

"Tiring. What are you doing here ?" Gibbs asked.

"You think I let you go back alone ?" Callan asked and smiled.

"Back where ?" Gibbs asked.

"Russia my friend. We'll be living there for awhile. There is gonna be another agent with us. Decker is leading the operation from Moscow. I don't know how many people are already undercover there," Callan said.

"Aah... The same old mission ?" Gibbs asked.

"That I don't know yet," Callan said.

Two of them walked to see the the man, who gave them the mission. He was waiting in his office. It was special agent Patrick King. Callan and Gibbs walked into the office and closed the door afterwards.

"You'll fly out today. Other agents are in place, except for Shepard, because she has a little issue and some problems leaving Israel. Decker will coordinate the mission and give you information about the duties. There are 4 other agents already working, but you don't need to know them and there won't be any interaction between you and the other agents. Callan will be doing some background search as he enters as a new arms dealer on the streets. Gibbs you will be playing lovers with Shepard and then find your way into the cell. You two have worked successfully together before, so I thought it would be easier for you to fall back into love. You'll get the specific instructions from Decker and can familiarize yourself there. You're keys and other things are with Decker too, he'll be waiting for you in the airport in Moscow. Now I suggest you to leave, your plane goes in 2 hours. You'll get the tickets from Diana," Patrick spoke.

The other men listened quietly and then left the office. It was not what they were expecting and Gibbs was not expecting to meet Jenny again. She left him a few years ago and now suddenly they were working together again ? And she with her issue ? Does he want to see her again ? Does she want to see him ? Would it be awkward ? Of course it would be awkward, and that's all Gibbs knew, when a blonde woman handed him his ticket to Moscow. One-way-ticket to hell, literally. One-way-ticket back to Jenny.


It was night, when the plane from London landed in Moscow with Gibbs and Callan on it. It was winter there. Both men saw their friend Decker waiting after the passport control with a grin on his face. Gibbs and Callan walked to him.

"Glad to see you made it," Decker said.

"We have a job to do," Gibbs said. He was grumpy.

"What's his problem ?" Decker asked Callan.

"Don't know. Probably his ex-partner Shepard, who is his partner again," Callan said and earned a headslap from Gibbs.

"Yeah. Come on now. I have your cars parked in parking lot nearby. The information you need is under the passenger seat," Decker said and held out a pair of car keys. Gibbs and Callan each took one.

"I'll call you, when I need you. For now just live in and practice your Russian. And Gibbs, I'll call, when you need to pick up Shepard. She has an issue and so she needs a little help, but you'll see yourself," Decker said.

"What issue ? Is this gonna get on the way of working ?" Gibbs asked, still grumpy.

"You'll see for yourself. Until that it's classified," Decker said and smiled.

Callan pointed to the door and three men walked out of the airport into cold Moscow night. The city was decorated with snow and ice – everything was white. The snow was falling slowly from the sky, and that made the city even more beautiful. They walked to the parking lot together and then sat into different cars.

Decker drove away instant, Callan was the next and then finally Gibbs left too. The Marine drove to his destination slowly – he was back in Moscow only months after returning home with Stephanie. Now here he is alone, at the moment, waiting for a woman, thanks to who he married Stephanie, in the apartment they are sharing. And she with her issue ? What is it ? Is she married or something ? Injured possibly ? Maybe she is paralyzed ? Whatever it is he'll figure it out, when she arrives.

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