Summary: Ducky learns some unexpected news and goes downhill from there… until the happy ending. Inspired from the worst fic challenge. It is NOT to be taken seriously.
Rated: FR15
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Genre: Crack!Fic
Warnings: MPreg, Threesome/Moresome
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Story Notes
I had kept notes for writing this story for the worst fic challenge since before fracturing my arm, so it's a rather old one. I repeat it's inspired from the worst fic challenge. It is NOT to be taken seriously.

“Oh I want to take you home.
I want to give you children.”

Ducky looked up from the body he was examining to stare to the bloodshed eyes of his best friend. He instantly dropped the ax and ran to Gibbs’ side.

“Oh my, Jethro, what happened? You look…. Well, not good.” The bloody gloves left tracks on the old agent’s clothes. But Gibbs didn’t care about the state of his clothes shedding hot tears of pain as he wrapped his arms around the doctor’s waist wetting his white shirt. “Jethro, what is it?” Ducky ran his hands up and lean man’s back, totally understanding J’s need to lean on somebody crying his tears and pain away.

After twelve minutes and forty eight seconds, Gibbs untangled himself from Ducky’s comfortable hug and took a step back sniffling his snot and using his jacket’s sellve to clean his nose.

“I’m pregnant.” He said.

Ducky smiled. “That’s great news, Jethro.”

“No, it isn’t.”

“How come?” Ducky didn’t attempt to go any closer to the distraught younger man afraid on his hormonal temper.

“Abby doesn’t want to keep the baby.”

The ME was one of the few people who knew about the secret relationship of the two people. “Why not?”

“Because she’s mean and she doesn’t love as much as I adore her.

“I’m so sorry, J. What are you going to do about it?”

“I don’t know. I want to keep the baby, but how am I going to raise it on my own?” The blue eyes reminded Ducky of the dark waters on his town back in Scotland in a stormy night.

McGee came in. “Boss, Ziva killed Abby…. She said something about a baby…”

“What?” Wild eyes looked from one man to the other and they stopped at Ducky. “Ziva doesn’t know…”

“It’s my fault. Everything is my fault.” Tony said as he came in the Autopsy. Ducky went to calm the other distressed man. He seemed the easier one to calm down. When Tony’s beautiful pained eyes looked at all of them they were takes aback by the misery they showed. Even Gibbs forgot his own pain for a second as Tony kept on talking. “I shouldn’t have told Ziva about Abby not wanting our child. She felt betrayed and killed Abby. It was an accident though!”

“Your child? Who’s child? What Ziva and Abby have to do? Tony, what are you saying?”

“The baby we expect…” Tony answered Ducky’s question.


“Who’s pregnant?”

“You, Abby and Ziva?” Tim, Ducky and Gibbs all asked at the same time.

“Yes, pregnant. I am pregnant from Abby and Ziva….”

“Ummm… how’s that possible?” Tim tried to ask but a headslap from his Boss reminded him not to ask stupid things. Everything was possible.

Gibbs then ran to Abby’s lab and knelt down by her body taking her in his strong arms. “Please don’t die Abs. Please, don’t die….:

Ducky, who had followed him down along the other, put a hand on his shoulder. “I’m afraid she’s already dead, J..”

Four heartbroken faces stared up at him that moment from where they had gathered around Abby’s long, cold body. Their own bodies were rocked from sobs breaking the older man’s heart.

Ziva was rocking her body back and forth. “I didn’t mean it, I didn’t mean it. I only wanted to scare Abby and make her see that her future was with me and Tony. And as I was talking she fell on my knife… oh I didn’t mean it.” Tony went close to her, wrapping her in his strong arms making her see his strength.

“I know, littlebeetle, I know. You would never hurt Abby on purpose. You loved her….”

Suddenly Gibbs’ face turned stony. “No! She’s not going to die. Not on my watch.”

“Jethro there’s nothing you can do. She’s already gone.”

“The hell she is!” Gibbs went and stood on top of Abby’s probe body.

“Abby Scuito, you have no order to die. Come back now.” He ordered her sternly.

Then the miracle happened and Abby opened her clear, green eyes looking around at everyone before bursting into tears. “Oh will you ever forgive me? I’m so, so, so, so very sorry for everything I’ve done and said. Well, except for Timmy. I’m not sorry for whatever I did to him the last eight years. He deserved everything I dished on him.” Everyone nodded and Tim felt the reality. He would never be a part of their family. He was the weird one, the castaway of this wreck. All others had each other. He had no one. Just Wilson. Wilson is his and he’s enough.

In the meantime Abby kept talking. “But I am so sorry for you Gibbs, and you Tony and please forgive me Ziva.”

They all gathered around the newly resurrected woman and wrapped their arms around her. “Of course I will forgive you, Abby. I love you.” Gibbs said.

“And I too.” Ziva agreed.

“Me too.” Tony said then bit his lower lip. “What about…? You know.” He asked looking at his tummy. Abby leaned down and put her ear on Tony’s stomach.

“I want it.” And then she turned to Gibbs and put her left hand on his stomach. “And I love our child too, Ro.” She said with a smile and bright tears of joy ran down from the blue eyes that reminded Ducky one sunny day by the sea at his hometown in Scotland.

“What? Really, Boss, you two are having a baby too. Can we all become a family then? Me and Ziva never had a real one, and Abby had problems and you lost your own and we all want a big, happy family. And we all love each other. Well except McGrubby who already has a nice and big family and can never be one of us.”

“Yes, I’d love that, if Ziva and Abby agree.” Gibbs said, new crop of tears gushed from he beautiful eyes as Abby and Ziva nodded enthusiastically.

“Ummm guys, you have to know something though…” Abby said after a while, scared wide eyes looking at everyone.

“What is it love?” Gibbs asked seeing her moving away from them and gathering Bert in her arms.

“Bert will have to be part of our family too, because he’s expecting my baby.”
Chapter End Notes
Happy new year to all of you!

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