A challenge was issued for limericks.
I'm entering a few just for kicks.
Well, fiddle-dee-dee,
We're limited to three.
My 'licious is a wicked little prick. ;)

Rated: FR15
Categories: Threesome / Moresome, Het, Slash / Femslash
Genre: Poem
Warnings: None
Challenges: Limerick Challenge
Challenges: Limerick Challenge
Series: None

An Autopsy Gremlin named Jimmy,
Had an affair with an agent named Timmy.
They tried to be discreet,
Couldn't stifle their squeaks;
Now Abby walks 'round all day just a-grinnin'.

Though wrapped around Abby's pretty pinkie,
Gibbs gave Tony a lascivious winkie,
Abby knows them so well,
To Gibbs she said, "Tell
Tony he's welcome to come in our blankie."

The morgue has a chilly atmosphere.
The décor is extremely austere.
Abby finds she doesn't mind,
Cold steel on her behind.
When on her front's a warm bioengineer.

Chapter End Notes

To the Judges:

The challenge rules being ever-so cruel,
State only one character per limerick can rule.
In the first it is Jimmy,
(Forgive me dear Timmy.)
There’s no end that’s sufficiently cool…

…So I’ll tell you straight out,
The second: Tony is about,
and Abby’s clearly the star of three.

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