Summary: McGee likes Ziva
Ziva likes McGee if Only they knew how each other felt!
Rated: FR7
Categories: Het > McGee/Ziva
Genre: Alternate Universe, Romance
Warnings: None
Challenges: None
Series: None
Chapter Notes
Written as a Hangman Prize for Shinju.Prompt: Ziva/McGee - I never knew
I look up from my computer and sighed as I sneak another look at Ziva "If Only I think as I turn my head back to my computer work ......

If only she knew how much I care!
If only she knew how much I want her to be happy
If only she knew how her smile makes my heart sing
If only she knew how her eyes fry my circuit boards
If only she knew how her scent drives me crazy.
If only she knew how I would send the rest of my life trying to make her happy!

If only she knew how much I LOVE her

I never knew how to show her.

As I shut down my computer I say a quick goodbye to everybody and hurry to the elevator

"McGee wait" I hear Ziva say as she slides her arm in door. She slips in and the door closes.

The to my surprise she hits the emergency stop button.

"Tim" And leans over and kisses ME!

"My place 9pm" she says after the kiss ends & leans over to press the emergency stop button to restart the elevator

She knows I think to myself as I feel my face blush!

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