Summary: The Team are fed up with Tony the joker and decide to repay big time. Involves Tony's passion for food.
Rated: FR13
Categories: General, General > Humor
Genre: Humor
Warnings: None
Challenges: Joke Is on Tony Challenge, Food Challenge
Challenges: Joke Is on Tony Challenge, Food Challenge
Series: None
“That’s it. I’m fed up with Tony and his prat boy tendencies. He has become the most annoying creature this side of the Potomac or maybe the most annoying creature ever to have crawled from under a stone in Shenandoah Park,” as Ziva slammed her backpack on her desk.

“And its frat boy as in fraternity but what has our overgrown school boy done now?” Tim sighed, as he asked, he had to ask because well Ziva was going to tell anyway.

“No McGee, I mean prat, from the British meaning, an incompetent or stupid person; an idiot, an ass. That overgrown school boy, as you called him, just riddled my car with FAKE, rapid fire bullet holes and the windshield with .50 calibre fire holes.”

“Ahh, and yes, yesterday he, left a whoopee cushion on my seat, and as for the false cat pooh pads, and kitty litter in Abby’s lab,” Tim replied.

“What are we going to do with him?” Ziva shouted.

“I believe he also left a knife, not unlike the one used in a case many years ago remember, when Abby slit her throat trying to draw our attention, with security, and the hand buzzer didn’t go down well with Jimmy,” Tim added.

“Not to mention the arrow through the head,” Gibbs added walking into the bullpen.

“Arrow through the head?” both Tim and Ziva shouted in unison.

“Yeap, walked into reception doing his Injin impression, scared the heck out of one of the typing pool.”

“So where is he now?” Ziva questioned.

“I sent him to MTAC,” Gibbs replied.


“Wooo,” Abby squealed as she swept more kitty litter up, “I’m going to kill you, big time Tony.”

“Still finding the stuff?” Tim asked gently.

“Yes. But what are we going to do about him?”

“We should have a campfire, in the parking lot, in my car or Ziva’s, after she has removed the bullet holes or even the MCRT van, if Gibbs will let us,” Tim ventured.

“Anything……….anywhere………anytime,” as Abby continued to clear up the litter.

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