Summary: Past events have a habit of coming back and haunting the MCRT, and it’s happening again…A team story with (surprise, surprise) Tim and Tony at its heart.
Rated: FR15
Categories: General > Angst
Genre: Friendship, Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None
Challenges: Let It Go! Challenge
Challenges: Let It Go! Challenge
Series: None
Sunday 9 November

The flight seemed as if it would never end, air travel was convenient but it was also inherently dull and this was the second flight he’d endured today. Hour after hour of movies on a tiny screen, food as plastic as the knife and fork with which a person was meant to eat the ghastly concoctions. The olive-skinned, handsome young man sighed as he tried to adjust his tall frame into a comfortable position; he could have flown first class, he had the financial resources. He also had a mission to complete and the money might be required for much more important things than a semi-comfortable bed on which to sleep the tedious hours away.

At last the plane taxied to a stop, he kept his seat, staring out of the window at the lights from the terminal buildings; he sat patiently as the slow-moving line of people queuing to exit shuffled off, waiting now would at least postpone the inevitable delay when he joined most of his fellow passengers as they stood in line at passport control.

He was into the third chapter of the book he’d put in his carry-on bag for this exact purpose and still he seemed as far away from the desks as he had when he first joined the snaking line of humanity wending its way around the barriers, all wishing they were out of this soulless place. He worked on his breathing exercises, now was not the time to lose the sense of calm he’d managed to maintain throughout the day, he was getting there, slowly it was true, but eventually he’d get through the arrivals hall at Dulles International Airport and complete the first part of his mission, setting foot on US soil. His passport was a forgery, a very good one, it had already got him through Frankfurt Airport, and he knew his fingerprints and iris scan wouldn’t flag up on any NSA or TSA database. All he had to do was maintain his calm demeanour a little longer and he’d be getting on the bus to Washington DC, another step on the long journey he’d started three years ago. His path had been set two years earlier, but he had to complete his military service before he was free to do exactly what he wanted in life.

The line moved forward and he kicked his bag along the floor, a few more feet closer to his goal, he put the book away, it wouldn’t be long now, and he needed to get ready for the questions ahead, to be prepared if there was any problem at the desk. Finally he was at the head of the line, careful to stand exactly where he’d been told he waited to be called forward.

“Next!” The weary official looked him up and down as she took his passport, he saw the tiny upturn of her lips and was careful not to react. Ever since he’d left the army women had been happy to show him he was desirable, and he’d shared their desire on several occasions, being with a woman felt good and allowed him to forget, if only for a short time, to put to the back of his mind the loss which even to this day could bring him to tears and drive him forward to fulfil his goal.

He put his finger and thumb on the electronic pad when directed then stood perfectly still as the digital image of his iris was taken. He was so close he could almost taste it, if only she’d stop staring at the passport and let him through.

“How long do you intend to stay?” The Customs and Border Control Officer kept her expression neutral, and maintained her focus, she asked these questions hundreds of times a day, though rarely to someone who looked like the man standing in front of her.

“Four weeks.”

“Will you be staying in Washington DC the whole time?”

“Yes indeed.”

“And the reason for your trip, business or pleasure?”

He’d promised himself he wouldn’t betray his emotions, but he couldn’t help smiling. “All pleasure I hope.”

She gave a brief nod, and with a quick rueful glance at the never-ending line waiting to come through her counter she handed back his passport. “Welcome to the United States, enjoy your stay.”

“Thank you, I will do my best.” He hurried to the baggage claim area and was relieved to see him suitcase already on the carousel, at least there was one positive side to being delayed at passport control. Reunited with his belongings he followed the signs for the bus transfer to L’Enfant Plaza in DC, he’d get a cab from there, check in at his hotel and then his mission could begin.

He was content to live a few more days hiding behind an alias, it would offer him the freedom he needed to finalise his plans, to put in place everything he’d dreamed of; when he was ready he’d shed his temporary persona and let them see him for who he truly was.

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