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Written for sondheimmcgeek as a thank you for her hard work on NFA's SeSa 2014. On this alternate version of Earth-2, an older Tim McGee leads the Washington MCRT of what his world knows as the Naval Investigative Service (NIS). He and NIS Director Kelly Gibbs come to agree that they need to meet the other universes' NCIS teams - including dopplegangers of their lost loved ones.

Rated: FR13
Categories: Crossovers > Other Fandom, General, Crossovers Characters: Emily Fornell, Kelly Gibbs, Timothy McGee
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Word count: 3560 Read: 825
Published: 12/31/2014 Updated: 12/31/2014

1. Chapter 1 by Briwd [Reviews - 0] (3560 words)

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