Ducky finds a message in his mom's belongings. Can Tim help him decipher the note? 

Rated: FR7
Categories: General > Family
Genre: Friendship, Mystery
Warnings: None
Challenges: Message Challenge
Challenges: Message Challenge
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The message read: being a Saturday, full of plans anyt, we went into Sp but Miss R didn’t....

Tim sighs as he puts yet another chaser on the mysterious message that had been handed to him by Gibbs. He's been trying to track down where and who the message had come from. Gibbs had been his usual brusque find it fast, and Tim honestly has no idea where to go from this point. He is about to throw up his hands in frustration when the elevator doors open and Ducky steps out. The elderly ME beams at him and Tim can't help smiling back at him.

“Ahh, Timothy, just the lad I wanted to see. Were you able to get those reservations made for me?”

“Reservations? Oh! Yes, and YES! Thank you Ducky!”

“You're welcome my dear boy and just what are you thanking me for?”

Tim points at the plasma and Ducky stares at the screen. There was the message, the paper that he'd given Gibbs weeks ago. Ducky had found it amongst his mother's belongings and asked Gibbs if he knew anyone who might be able to help him decipher just what the mysterious letter was trying to convey.

“Gibbs handed that to me and I’ve been trying to figure out what it might mean. He never said where it came from just that he wanted me to let him know if I came up with something.”

“Where do I fit into this dear boy?”

Tim smiles ruefully, “I thought he wanted it for a cold case that was based here in the states. I think it might actually be from overseas and since you mentioned your trip, Scotland is going to be the next search I put on it.”

Ducky leans closer, “How would you like to do a personal investigation on this Timothy?”

“I'd love to, but I’m not sure that Gibbs would go along with the idea.”

Gibbs steps up beside them, “Depends on the idea, McGee.”

Tim starts to say something when to his surprise Ducky cuts him off. “Timothy has found our first clue, Jethro. We thought that the message was from here, but now that I remember the novella that I found it in, it's entirely possible that Mother or maybe even Father wrote that before we ever contemplated moving to the US.”

Tim stares at the two older men and shakes his head. Now he understands why Gibbs had been so adamant that Tim process the note and get back to him. A personal favor to the one man who Gibbs regarded as much a friend, no more like a father figure, someone whom Gibbs loves as much as his own father.

“Umm, Ducky, I managed to get you booked on a flight to Edinburgh April 27th and your return flight will be on May 4th. Unless you want me to extend it?”


“What? Oh no dear boy, just make sure we get that extra ticket for you. After all, you have to go with me and help me figure out the rest of the message.”

Chapter End Notes

written for the Message Challenge 

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