Gibbs' first impression of Abby. This is #1 in the Dark Light series.

Rated: FR13
Categories: General
Genre: Friendship
Warnings: None
Challenges: First Impressions Challenge
Challenges: First Impressions Challenge
Series: Dark Light
Leroy Jethro Gibbs' work day started like most days did when they didn't have an active case. Coffee and paperwork. Always an endless amount of paperwork, all part of the government bureaucracy known as Cover Your Ass. Of course, that was better than Kiss Ass which he refused to do. Tom Morrow, the director, respected him for it but that didn't stop them from butting heads a lot. It never took long for anyone to figure out that Gibbs was the proverbial brick wall you either went around or over because he didn't back down for anyone.

Gibbs had been at his desk nearly two hours when Stan came in and Gibbs took that as his cue to go get more coffee just to get away from him. It wasn't that Gibbs didn't like him, he was an okay investigator, just lacked a certain something that would've made him a great investigator. Stan was better than no help at all though so he put up with the man despite the fact that his nervousness and obvious intimidation got on his nerves. Gibbs dealt with that in his own way. He deliberately called him 'Steve' though he knew damn well what his name was and he made sure Stan did all the crappy jobs. So far, Stan was doing his best to not disappoint but Gibbs noticed that the man had been buying the bigger bottles of Tums and popping a lot of them a day. He'd counted six yesterday alone.

Gibbs bought his coffee and headed back to the elevator and he thought of Stephanie. He knew she'd been disappointed a few nights back when he had to postpone their date, what would be their fifth date but she'd understood. So far, of all the women who had been in his life, Stephanie had been the most understanding of his job. She knew what she'd signed up for with him or seemed to, so far. He expected her to be disappointed but she didn't seem to hold it against him. He smiled as an idea occurred to him and pulled out his cell phone. He'd send her a dozen roses, just to let her know he was disappointed too. Things were going so well he didn't want to mess this up. He ordered the flowers and gave the address to her office and hung up just as he returned to the bullpen. He no sooner than sat down than his phone rang and he and Stan were off and running on another case.


Hours later they returned. Gibbs' knee hurt like hell from having to kneel but there was so much evidence it was all hands on deck so Gibbs helped Stan process the scene. They brought in boxes of evidence and Abby, bright and cheerful as ever, chatted on. Gibbs smiled at her, listened to her without interruption, not that he ever said much anyway, but he enjoyed her chatter. Right now, she was talking to Stan about the puppies she had helped bottle feed at the animal shelter and though normally stoic, he couldn't help but also chuckle at her description of one of the pups. That was one of the things he liked about her. Even though she worked exceptionally long hours as they all found she did her best work alone, she spent a lot of her free time doing volunteer work, both for humans and animals. She seemed to have a big heart and he loved that about her. It reminded him of Shannon. He smiled a little sadly at the memory. Before Kelly, she would volunteer once a week at a soup kitchen though after Kelly was born, it was twice a month since she got too busy to watch Kelly while cooking and serving the food and they couldn't afford a babysitter that often.

Finally the evidence was processed and he and Stan said their goodbyes to Abby and headed upstairs to start investigating though Gibbs gave Abby a fond smile before he left. He felt lighter in heart than he had in ages. Because of her. If he was ten years younger…


Abby smiled to herself all day. That smile Gibbs gave her right before he left her weak in the knees. If Stan hadn't been there, she hadn't been sure she wouldn't have kissed him. Then again, he hadn't overtly expressed interest in her but sometimes the way he looked and smiled around her…

She sank onto the stool and sighed. She had a ton of work to do and the sooner she got it done, the sooner she could talk to him. She hoped beyond hope when she asked him to dinner he would say yes. To spend time alone with him…

She sighed again and a smile lit up her face. Work. Right. Get to work. Solve this case. Get the bad guys put away. Get the good guy on a date.

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