Summary: Tony gets a new Partner months later after Ziva's departure, but is he ready to move on with a new partner? Then he meets Kate Callahan a former Bau unit Fbi agent and he falls hard for her.
Co-written with:Whatnocookiez (Co-Writer isn't listed here)For ages 18+ Fanart and fanfic covers will be posted in forum
Rated: FR15
Genre: Drama
Warnings: Disturbing Imagery
Challenges: None
Series: I'll Be The One
Story Notes
This story is just an idea that came to mind and will possibly be a Series.Three parts at least.Here is some fanart I made hope you enjoy!
I'll Be The One
Summary: Tony is all alone months after Ziva leaves, and doesn't think he can move on until he meets former Fbi Agent Kate Callahan from the Bau. But hefinds himself falling instantly in love with her.Could Kate be the one for him?
Disclaimer: I do not own the tv show characters of both shows.The only thing I do claim is the story plot, and the name Olivia.Olivia is made up because I don't like Meg for a first name so I decided to be different and put it as her middle name.
Authors note: My first Ncis fanfic , please be nice and review no hate reviews please if you use criticism, be nice about it.
(Tony's Pov:)
Tony was lonely he sat at his desk that day going over boring paperwork.They had to write up reports about a recent case they did.Ziva's desk remained empty for weeks.He had overheard Director Vance and Gibbs discuss about finding him another partner.But Tony didn't want another partner, at least not right now.He just needed more time to absorb Ziva's departure and to mourn her loss.

Gibbs and Mcgee came into the Bullpen "I have an announcement to make, we are getting a new agent today depending on how her first day goes and you two need to be nice". Gibbs was talking to him and to Mcgeek. As soon as his Boss was finished speaking, the new Field Agent appeared. She was gorgeaus Tony realized as she approached to greet them.She introduced herself as Kate Callahan even though her badge clearly said Katherine Callahan "Most people call me Kate". She briefly told them that she was freshly out of the Criminal Minds Bau unit. Tony found it impressive that she had been in the Fbi 9 years her first 8 in the Sex Crimes unit one year later in the Behavioral Analyist unit.

"Not that I am complaining which I am not, but what made you transfer to Ncis?" Asked Tony.Curiousity was already getting the better of him he wanted to know more about the interesting Agent.

Kate put her things down on her desk which used to belong to Ziva. "I found out that I have family here and wanted to get to know them better.Gibbs is my Dad".She says looking at him to see his reaction.

Tony nearly spit out his coffee which was very hot. "Woah! I didn't know he had another daughter!" This took Tony by surprise.Kate looks at him "We didn't know either until Dad had his suspicions then had me do some tests.He then said that I belong here at home where I belong.He talked me into joining he said I was your new partner so it looks like we will be working together".she smiled at him.

Tony was speechless, Gibbs had another daughter he couldn't find words to say except "Really?That is um, amazing.Who's your mom?" This Agent was getting to be more interesting by the minute it appeared she had quite a story to tell.

Kate "Now that is the mystery I have no idea who she was. Dad says it is someone who he has possibly had a brief fling with he won't know more until he digs deeper". She then adds "I wasn't too pleased to hear about that".

Tony looked at her as a smirk played on his handsome features "Yeah, well there's been a lot of those types of women around him brief flings, five failed marriages, your mom could be anyone that he's slept with".

Kate nodded "I know and its not exactly a pleasant thought about how I came into this world but at least I had great adoptive parents the Callahan,they took great care of me"

Tony agreed "That is one way to look at things so are you and Gibbs catching up on what time you both lost together?"Tony suddenly asked her .He wasn't trying to be nosy he just wanted to know more about his new partner.

"Yes we are catching up and taking things day by day.I'm really starting to admire him as my Dad and I respect him for what he does for this company.He's just a great person and he loves to listen to me and he is such a lovable Teddy bear". She said grinning.

Tony caughed to himself, Gibbs was more of a Grizzly bear to him than a lovable teddybear but he didn't have the heart to tell her that.Gibbs then tells his team to gear up that a dead body of a Marine's wife had been found.Kate gets her gear and follows them to the elevator.

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