NCIS's Washington-based Major Case Response Team goes undercover at a Scranton, Pennsylvania business park. The op is much stranger than expected.

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NCIS/The Office (NBC) crossover

Scranton, Pennsylvania

Scranton Business Park


Jim Halpert pulled into the parking lot Monday morning, bright and early, relaxed and reenergized. 


That four-day weekend at Cove Haven with his girlfriend Pam Beesly was the perfect getaway for both. They decided that a full week together over the summer was a must, and it would've been nice to extend the weekend another week, or so. 


Monday was here, and Pam had been asked to come in a half-hour early. Jim decided to meet her at work, and to get there a few minutes early himself.


Jim Halpert: Everything was normal. Nice, cool, sunny morning, come to work, have a nice day, then go home and have dinner with Pam. Well, I had that.


(long pause)


And as a "bonus" (Jim makes quotation marks with his fingers) I got chewed out by this new receptionist; Pam freaking out; and Michael losing his mind, at work and at my apartment...good times.


Jim walked through the front door of Dunder-Mifflin and glanced at the receptionist's desk -- and stopped cold after he saw an unfamiliar, pony-tailed, pretty but stern-looking brunette. She glanced briefly at Jim, then turned her attention toward the boss's office with a hard glare.


In the corner of his eye, he saw someone standing at his desk; he turned and saw a wide-eyed Pam, staring at the reception desk, then slowly looking toward the boss's office.


Inside, the boss -- Regional Manager Michael Scott -- feverishly typed on his laptop, hidden behind a large stack of folders. Michael briefly acknowledged him, then went back to typing on his laptop like a madman. 


"What's going on?" Jim asked Pam.


"I got here and there she was, and Michael was working in his office," she said. "Actual work. Real work."


"Are she...did they...who is that at your desk???" Jim asked, as the phone rang at reception.


The brunette picked it up and answered. "Dunder-Mifflin, this is Kate."


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