Written as a wee story for Briwd, Gibbs and the team go to hell -- literally

Rated: FR13
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Genre: Alternate Universe
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So, this is what Briwd wanted,

Gen. Gibbs and the team go to hell -- literally.

Someone from the Navy or Marine Corps (your pick) is abducted and taken to the underworld. With the help of a guide(s), Team Gibbs has to rescue the person and bring him/her back home. In order to get through the mission the team relies on its training, its gut and its snark.

The guide(s) should be good, powerful and from an existing fictional universe (comics, TV, movies, etc.). The story also can be set within that universe.

I'd strongly prefer to see Ziva and Kate (alive). You may add in Bishop, and an appropriate character or two from NCIS LA, if you wish. Gibbs has to be the rock that keeps his team together, and Tony has to turn up his sarcasm and mockery to take the edge off their surroundings, and to keep his teammates focused.

The story should be serious, but have the characters use as much humor, sarcasm, mockery and snark as your story will allow.


As usual, my plot bunnies not only refused to show up for three months, when they did, this came out instead...



The day started with Tony started picking on Tim about his new shirt.

“Real men don't wear pink Probie. That's a lie manifested by insecure men with little to say for themselves.”

Tim rolls his eyes, trying not to respond. The shirt is a gift from Penny and there is no way he's going to let DiNozzo rile him over something as simple as a shirt.

“Knock it off DiNozzo. McGee, take David with you go get us some coffee and doughnuts, we've got a long list of cold cases to work on today.”

“Yes Boss!” Tim replies as he and Ziva rush out of the room.

“Tony is very sharky today, isn't he?” Ziva asks as they enter the parking lot.

“Mmm, I think the word you're looking for is snarky, but sharky will work.” Tim replies.

They pick up two dozen doughnuts and enough coffee, tea and caff-pow for the rest of the day. As they arrive back at their floor, they hear Gibbs' phone ring and know that their day just got a bit more exciting. Tim puts the doughnuts on Gibbs' desk as they wait for the boss to tell them what is going on. The lead agent has a puzzled look on his face when he gets off the phone and motions for McGee to follow him. Tony and Ziva watch as Gibbs and Tim head into the elevator.

“Did you hear any of the conversation, Tony?” Ziva's curiosity is matched by Tony's and he shakes his head no.

The ding of the elevator has both of them turning to see if their boss is back, but it's Ducky, accompanied by Palmer and Abby.

“What's up guys?” Palmer asks as they step closer.

“We do not know. Gibbs had a strange look on his face after he got off the phone.”

“He took McGrumpy with him, so maybe it's something to do with the Admiral.”

Ziva looks at Ducky, “Did the director ask you to come up here, because we don't have a case at the moment.”

“Yes, he stated that we all needed to be here and suggested that I bring Mr. Palmer and Abigail with me.”

“You don't suppose anything is wrong, do you guys?” asks Abby as she grabs the drink that Tony hands her.

Vance is watching them from the catwalk, listening but saying nothing for the moment. He had his reasons for bringing the entire team together but until Gibbs and Tim returned, he couldn't voice them.


As Gibbs and Tim head out of the Navy Yard, Tim looks at his boss and asks,

“Boss, what's going on?”

“I'm not sure McGee. All I know is that Vance wants me to bring Tandel in and I need you to get her educated on the way.”

Tandel, the young female elf who had entered Gibbs' life only a few weeks ago. Both men sigh as they contemplate Vance's motives for involving the woman in an investigation. As Gibbs pulls into his driveway, they see Tandel opening the door and walking out to greet them. Gibbs motions for Tim to talk to Tandel while he goes into the house and prepares a go bag for her.

“Hello Timothy McGee, what brings you and Gibbs here so early in your day?”

Tim smiles at her greeting as he tells her what little bit he can. “We really don't know why Director Vance wants you brought in, so we're not sure what is going on. I'm surprised that he knew you were here.”

“I told him about her a few days ago. Thought it was time to bring him up to date. I'm sorry Tan, I don't know what he wants or why.” Gibbs' gut is churning and he knows something is going to happen, he just doesn't know what or when.

“You look frustrated, don't be. We can figure it out once we get back to NCIS.” Her quiet statement is matched with a serene smile as she enters the back of the sedan.


Once the team is reunited Vance asks them all to join him in a conference room. They silently file in, with Gibbs and Tandel coming last. As the blonde enters the room, she inhales and Gibbs can feel the tension in her rise. He glances down at her, but she says nothing as the door closes behind them.

“Hello Gibbs.”

Ziva faints and Tony, Abby and Ducky go pale at the words. Gibbs glares at Vance who shrugs and motions for the team to sit down. Tandel checks on Ziva who is slowly coming out of the shock she'd just received. As the female blonde escorts Ziva to a chair, she glances curiously at the dark haired man who has thrown the group into disarray.

He is dark complected, not unlike Ziva, and Tandel can see the similarity between the two. Siblings, she guesses, but why the reaction? Shock, denial, anger, all the emotions are showing on the team's faces. As for Gibbs, he's furious and she puts a hand on his in an effort to calm him.

“How is this possible? What in the name of Hell are you doing here Ari?”

Hell is what she is sensing, Tandel thinks as she waits for the mystery man to reply.

“An apt word for what I'm about to tell you. Yes I was dead, and for all intents and purposes, I shall be again, however I need your assistance.”

“Like we'd ever help you, you bastard.” Gibbs growls. Tandel is watching the rest of the team and they are all nodding in agreement; all except Ziva who is still sitting in stunned silence.

“I do not ask for my own person. I know that I have wronged you and accept your hatred and distrust. However, there is someone that does deserve your help and assistance.”

“Not bloody likely.” Ducky mutters and Ari turns towards him.

“Not even for one of your own?”


Chapter End Notes


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