A Navy Aviator is found dead in Rota Spain and Tony goes to help Stan solve. Written for Edgar Allan Poe challenge

Rated: FR13
Categories: General
Genre: Action
Warnings: None
Challenges: Edgar Allen Poe Challenge
Challenges: Edgar Allen Poe Challenge
Series: None

Gibbs’ cell rang out from the table where he had placed it. He jolted awake, and picking up his watch looked at the time 03.00, who wanted him at that time in the morning.

“Yep,” Gibbs as listened to a familiar voice at the end of the line, “Stan, what makes you call at three in the morning…ok, ok, so it’s 900 hours with you, what’s the weather like?”

Gibbs listened to what Stan had to say…before saying, “You know I can’t come over, but I’m sure DiNozzo would love to help out.”

Stan agreed that Tony would do, even if he did speak Spanish with an American slant.

Gibbs arranged that Stan call MTAC at 14.00 UTC, that would make it 800 hours Washington, time with all the details, as he said “Adios,” and immediately called Tony. The call went to voicemail.

Gibbs smiled; he just wondered if Tony would pick up on time.


Gibbs arrived at the Navy Yard early carrying coffee; he wanted to talk to Stan first, to see if any developments had appeared.

“Morning Boss,” a very bright eyed Tony said from his desk, “Bet you didn’t expect me to be here before you.”

“Nope…but MTAC, now,” as Gibbs indicated and climbed the stairs followed by Tony. They entered the room and there was Stan already talking to the Director from the big screen.

“Buenos días mi amigo,” Tony began to say, “¿Cómo están las cosas en Rota.”

“Great Tony… afternoon here, actually…but morning Gibbs.”

“What you got? Any further developments from last night?”

“Nope” Stan began to say, “The body is still in the cask. Thought you would like to see before, the ME here removes and does his autopsy.”

“Want to give Tony a run down on what you have or have you emailed a report?” Vance asked.

“Just getting it typed up and it will be in emails to you all before we finish here,” Stan replied.

“Fire away,” as Gibbs and Tony watched as Stan posted the photographs on the screen. Gibbs looked at the screen and saw the body was not so much curled, but it had been, what appeared to be a foetal position but the arms were hugging the knees, and the legs folded up. But yes preserved in alcohol.

“What may I ask amigo, was the alcohol? I assume sherry, but do we know which type,” Tony asked laughing.

Stan just looked at Tony and a sly smile began to form, “Tony trust you to ask that; and no haven’t tasted, but the colour suggests cream but that could be blood, or other bodily waste materials. So could be a fino or even amontillado, but until the ME does the autopsy we won’t know ok. But small talk over when can I expect you out here?”

“Stan, there is a flight due to go from Andrews Air base in an hour, DiNozzo will be on it,” Vance answered.

“Will I? I need to go change get stuff pack a bag,” Tony began to whine.

“DiNozzo, Rota is not the end of the world, they have markets and they have western stores, just get your butt there, like now,” Gibbs answered seeing Tony stare at him and then the Director.

“I’ve told McGee to drive you there,” the Vance added.

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