written for tigyr on NFA for WEE 2017. Tim and Jimmy go to Wyoming on a developement opportunities, xover with Longmire.

Rated: FR13
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Genre: Case Fic
Warnings: None
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Series: Secret Santa/WEE

omóme ho'honáhke = The Weeping Rock

“Summer vacations... always loved getting away when I was younger,” Jimmy said to Dr Mallard as he handed him, the latest guest’s liver.

“Mother and I always spent the summer with her brother, my Uncle Carkin in Scotland…he lived in the little town of Clagolaky… he was a cooper…one of father’s brothers worked in the distillery…he drowned in a barrel of alcohol… but not before he climbed out 3 times to go to the bathroom,” as he placed the liver on the scales.

“Breena and I are hiring a campervan, decided we’d like to visit Jellystone Park,” Jimmy added smiling.

“Do you not mean Yellowstone?” Ducky corrected, “And will it not be a long way to drive from here?”

“Yes, but we will fly to Wyoming and then hire the van from there…I always called it Jellystone when I was younger, used to love Yogi and Bobo,” as he now began to place some of the instruments on a tray for sterilising. “Always wanted to take a picnic basket and feed the bears,” Jimmy continued, “But we thought maybe the change of air might help us…you know,” as he thought of the adoption that had gone wrong.

“Trying too hard Palmer, what will be will be, maybe just not ready yet,” Gibbs now added as he walked into autopsy.

“We were just discussing vacations Jethro; you will be doing a staycation again this year?” Ducky ventured but knowing the answer.

“Don’t I always,” as his phone rang in his pocket, he took out and listened, “Got to see Vance,” as he turned and walked back out the door.

“Never got the chance to tell him, it would appear that our Navy Captain died of a heart attack…well initial findings. Oh well, finish up Mr Palmer and we will have a cup of tea before continuing.”


Director Vance was sitting at his desk as Gibbs entered the room, he indicated they sat at the table, “Would rather stand,” Gibbs replied.

“Fine,” as Vance also stood and walked round his table to face Gibbs. “Just come off the phone with a Sheriff Walt Longmire at Durant, Absaroka County…you heard of him?” he asked looking Gibbs in the eyes.

“Can’t say I have why?” Gibbs replied pursing his lips slightly and shaking his head.

“Says he was a Marine, completed boot camp at Depot Parris Island and OCS at Marine Corps Base Quantico…knew Franks in ‘Nam, albeit he was a little younger than Mike but they met up at Tan Son Nhut Air Base at one point.”

“And this is leading us where Leon?” Gibbs now questioned beginning to move feet.

“He called to ask for some help, seems one Petty Officer 1st class EOD Avonaco Vipponah aka Avon Vipond has been found dead, in a gorge leading to the local Indian Reservation. An Officer Mathias, who is Chief of Tribal Police on the reservation, wants to do his own investigation, since Vipond is half Cheyenne.”

“Not our case then. Should Northwest Office not handle?” Gibbs replied.

“Would be, but I, as Director, volunteered your team, thought maybe get you out and about a bit, you and this Longmire you may have a lot in common,” Vance began to smile slightly, “Gibbs, I volunteered your team because I want to see how well McGee does on his own, he has worked too long under Agent DiNozzo, and now that Agent David has gone, I need to see if he is capable of working on his own…call it a development opportunity…and Petty Officer Vipond is or should I say was, stationed Norfolk, so that does make it your responsibility.”

“What do you want me to do Leon?” Gibbs continued to fish.

“Gibbs, I want you and McGee, in MTAC, for a one-two-one with this Sheriff Longmire, and find out just what he wants,” as Vance now turned and walked back to his desk and shuffled some papers about. Gibbs took one look, smiled and walked back out the room, on the way to find McGee. He found him down in the lab, talking to Abby.

“Hi Gibbs,” looking round, “Just asking Tim, where he was going for his vacation this year, and would he be taking Delilah somewhere nice.”

“Well McGee, right now you’re with me, MTAC, we have a case or should I say the Director says we have a case,” as he indicated with his finger that Tim follow.


“But Dr Mallard, how will you get on?” Jimmy asked in a concerned voice.

“Mr Palmer you will be a Doctor, will you not, one day?” seeing Jimmy nod.

“I hope so too, but I’m happy just learning at the moment,” Jimmy replied looking worried.

“Jimmy call it a development opportunity, you can write me the case notes on your return, I’m sure that you will need, at some point a thesis, a case history, will you not?” seeing Jimmy nod again, “Good, I told Director Vance that you would be delighted to take the case, as it is, I have our guest here to attend to, and anyway this Durant, Absaroka County is not the end of the world, so off you go and see this Sheriff Longmire,” as he shooed Jim out the door.

“Doctor?” as Jimmy now turned and looked at Ducky, “Where is Absaroka County?”

“Wyoming…now, where we Captain…oh yes, I had a case once in New Orleans. A jealous husband shot his wife off a Mardi Gras float.”


The atmosphere in MTAC was beginning to heat up; it appeared that this place Durant was in the back of beyond, its internet signals almost archaic. They had no video link as such. Tim had spent 40 minutes on the phone and getting Longmire and his staff to rig up a lap top with a camera. Eventually the big screen burst into life and the three saw Walt Longmire for the first time, in both Jimmy and Tim’s eyes, this was a proper cowboy.

“Agent Gibbs, Walt Longmire, and this is one my deputies, Jim Ferguson,” as he indicated to the man standing behind him.

“Agent Tim McGee and Jimmy Palmer, assistant M.E.,” as he too introduced his team, Jimmy gave a little wave then seeing the look in Walt’s eyes dropped his hand. “What you got? Director says one Avon Vipond, an EOD tech, not had time to catch up yet.”

“Avonaco Vipponah…, half Cheyenne…we found his body at the bottom of a gorge yesterday…he was pretty beaten up. We’re not sure if he was beaten up before he was dumped or if his injuries were inflicted and so consistent, to being pushed off the top,” Walt began to say.

“Your M.E. not done the autopsy?” was all Gibbs could say.

“Waiting for you and your team to get here,” Walt replied.

“My team will consist of McGee and Palmer, I have another case, but they could be with you by this evening if I can get flights arranged, and you can supply accommodation,” as they saw a woman enter the room and hand Walt a sheet of paper, “Thank you Ruby,” as he read the sheet, “Looks like you have been booked on a flight first thing tomorrow morning,” as Walt now saw Gibbs being handed a sheet of paper from one of the MTAC staff. “I’ll look forward to meeting you boys tomorrow,” as Longmire smiled and then cut the link.

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