Ziva is sad and lonely at Chanukah, but a case brings the team together and they realise that all Religions can be similar.

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Genre: Friendship
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Challenges: Secret Santa 2017
Challenges: Secret Santa 2017
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Story Notes

Lori wrote:-

As a reader I would like a Christmas theme, baking fun like cookies and treats, Christmassy colors like red/green, snow is okay, but please white or blue tree lights are not
I prefer Tim/Ziva as a couple, Tim/Tony as brothers or bromance, Gibbs as father figure, Not too much Abby. Ducky/Jimmy family oriented would be okay too.
I do like to see Mike or even Ari as they influence their loved on yes that would be a unique story in and of itself
I would prefer not to have a lengthy story, please keep to 5-15K if possible
And if baking things are included in the story, please put in the recipe if it's a family recipe so that we can all enjoy trying to make it later


So I have made this in season 10, after Jimmy marries Breena and before Tim meets Delilah. I have also used Chanukah instead of Hanukkah, as to me “Ch” was more Christmassy, as you will understand as you read the story. Any food mentioned, some of the recipes, will after the reveal, be put on Lori’s taster page.

Chapter 1

“You look sad Ziva, what’s wrong?” Tim asked as he looked across the space to her desk.

“I am…I just feel so alone Tim. I just realise that I have no-one now to spend Chanukah with anymore,” she replied looking down at her hands. “And today is Krampusnacht, when a wicked hairy devil appears on the streets…”

“Just like my dad on a bad day after drinking. It is customary however… to offer Krampus a schnapps,” as Tony appeared from nowhere, “That usually calms him down.”

“Would that be Krampus or your dad?” Tim asked with a grin on his face.

“Yes funny Timmy but he, that would be Krampus, punishes the bad children before The Feast of St. Nicholas on 6th December in Europe,” Tony answered looking at Ziva and thinking of Paris.

“The children get an early present, if they have behaved,” Ziva added smiling at Tony as if she too remembered, “A little early Christmas present,” as she now looked down at her desk.

“But you’re not a Christian as such, you’re Jewish?” Tony had replied.

“Uncalled for DiNozzo, apologise or I’ll make sure Krampus, cramps your Christmas, and steals your present…in fact may make sure Delores is your SESA recipient again.”


“I apologise Ziva that was uncalled for, but you don’t mind if we put up our tree…”

“Which I may add has nothing to do with Christmas,” she smiled, “The evergreen fir tree has traditionally been used to celebrate winter festivals for thousands of years. Pagans used branches of it to decorate their homes during the winter solstice, as it made them think of the spring to come.”

“Oi, can we stop this,” as the phone rang on Gibbs’ desk. “Gibbs…” as he now stood, “Grab your gear, dead body at the Academy…and as it’s almost the 6th, a present for Ziva…Rabbi  Shalev Kasher called, the deceased in one of his flock, if you excuse the pun.”

“Bad taste Gibbs,” Ziva smiled, “But I know what you mean,” as they headed for the elevator.


The team made their way to the Commodore Uriah P. Levy Center and Jewish Chapel, which is at the Naval Academy in Annapolis. The centre was named in honour of the first Jewish commodore. The Levy Center adjacent to Mitscher Hall contains a 410 seat synagogue, a fellowship hall, a Character Learning Centre with class rooms and offices for the Brigade’s social director, the academic board and the Academy’s Honour Board.

The body of Naomi Yosef, a midshipman, had been found by the Chapel. It looked like blunt force trauma to the head but then Ducky would have to confirm. She was going to be an Ensign in the Navy.

Tony and Tim wandered off to take pictures and wait for Ducky, while Gibbs and Ziva went to talk to the Rabbi.

“Rabbi Kasher, Gibbs NCIS and this is Agent David…Ziva. She is Israeli so will understand any personal details,” he began to say as they showed the Rabbi their ID. “If you could give us some information about Naomi we would be grateful.”

“I’m not sure what you will need to know. I assume that the local police have informed Naomi’s parents?” as he saw Gibbs nod. “You, I assume, are here to investigate her death as you are Naval Investigators?” as Gibbs again nodded. “Well I can give you her parents address, but you will have that as well, so really I don’t know what else I can tell you.”

“Maybe if you could tell us what sort of girl Naomi was. Was she a good Jewish girl, did she come to the Chapel often?” Ziva began to ask.

“Did she have Faith is that what you were asking?” the Rabbi now questioned.

“Yes, I suppose I am,” Ziva replied.

“Naomi, was helpful she used to assist with new cadets…you know help them find their feet. I can’t think of anyone who would want to hurt her…but then again someone must have,” the Rabbi replied shaking his head.

“What about boyfriends?” Gibbs began to ask, his notepad at the ready. “And any girlfriends…girls she was friendly with,” as Gibbs saw the shocked look on the Rabbi’s face.

“There were three close girls she used to be friends with. I’ll give you their names. They were not Jewish,” as he turned away indicating that the pair follow him to his office.

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