Summary: Tim and Tony have a case - one that's gone cold. So they investigate to find something. Also, there's this issue with the annual christmas play "battle" with the FBI.
And why is Gibbs acting so weird?
Rated: FR15
Categories: Slash / Femslash
Genre: Case Fic, Drama
Warnings: Language
Challenges: Secret Santa 2017
Challenges: Secret Santa 2017
Series: None
Story Notes
Hey there,
this is my Secret Santa-Story for you and I went with your second prompt as watching the whole Dr.Who-series was a bit too much to do in just three months.
I hope you do enjoy your story, it was fun to write it.
It was a sunny morning in DC. People meandered about in their day-to-day lives only caring about matters that affected them. Most were oblivious to the team of NCIS agents that had begun to gather deep in the wilderness that was Rock Creek Park, or, as Tony preffered to call it, „the favorite place to drop off a body.“ (Or something along similar lines.)
Tony did not dare voice that train of thought, though. Gibbs was here; he’d have slapped him for it. (McGee would most definitely laugh his ass off, and Bishop... Well, Bishop would probably be eating something.)
Bishop was their team member for only a short time but Tony liked her already. A lot.
When Ellie had first joined, Tony had been skeptical. He couldn’t ever imagine having another team-mate who could fit into their quirky (and often hinky) team like Ziva had... But, Ellie did. Tony trusted her, and she accepted him for who he is (facade and all). She didn’t ever pry into his softer parts (he, of course, didn’t have) and realized he was a lot smarter than he would like to admit. That, in itself, earned her some brownie points.
It wasn’t long before she became part of his NCIS family.
Meanwhile, several gawkers and potential witnesses have gathered around their yellow barrier tape which read the typical phrase of „police – do not cross“ and were trying to get a good view of the corpse.
„DiNozzo, are you done yet with the photos?“ Gibbs demandingly questioned (not quite rhetorical, but close). Tony paused in his thoughts. He’d been taking pictures of crime scenes for so long, he no longer needed to focus his attention to achieve good, useful images. (He was grateful he hadn’t tripped on anything as his mind wondered, though.)
Tony took one last photo for good meassure—the small blood-stains that lingered not quite hidden by dried leaves. Even though it was already December, autumn-painted leaves continued to drop from the surrounding trees. „Climate Change at its finest.“ Tony grumbled. (But right now, world peace and Global Warming would have to wait. Right now, he had other important matters to attend to).
„Coming Boss.“


Tony grumbled underneath his breath, becoming irritated at the growing amount of onlooksers attempting to record the ongoing investigation from the boundary maked with yellow tape (which read the typical phrase: Police – do not cross). Seriously! Tony couldn’t fathom why somebody’s death was so d*** intriguing to normal people. They should be grateful they didn’t have to deal with gutted bodies, severed heads and loose limbs. But, no. They had to go and record the (often gruesome) sights for the whole world to see. „We’re probably going to end up on YouTube.“ He muttered.
„Tony,“ McGee said, „YouTube will delete this kind of stuff. It’s against their policies.“
Trust McGee to correct him.
Tony smirked. „Too bad, McFamous. It would have helped your books sell a lot better.“
„How original, Tony.“ McGee rolled his eyes—too accostomed to Tony’s antics to rise to the bait anymore. „My books are ‚passe,‘ as the French would say. Now-a-days, nobody bothers to read a whole book. Twitter’s even got a 140 character limit. That seems more than enough, today...“
Gibbs had listened to their banter and was getting impatient.
„I hate to interupt your tea-party,“ Gibbs spoke curtly, „but we have an unidentified body and incomplete documentation of the crime scene. So, move your d*** a*** and get to work or you won’t work at all.“
Both agents cringed and resumed their duties. McGee quickly identified thier corpse as William Loffers, a member of the navy. (A decorated marine, even). The fingerprints provided that much.
„Then why is he dressed like someone who just got out of Rio‘s carneval?“ Tony couldn’t help but ask.
„That’s what you should find out.“ Gibbs simply stated and left his „boys“ to their work.

Half an hour later, McGee and DiNozzo had all evidence photographed, bagged, tagged and labeled. Now, on to potential witnesses‘ statements. However, Tony‘s thoughts were once more digressing. This time, to a conversation that took place in the bullpen that morning.
Tobias Fornell had come by to taunt his favorite team of NCIS agents a little. „I hope you have already rehearsed your roles for the annual Christmas play challenge between the alphabet soup. Of course, you cannot beat the Die Hard-version we did last year, but, at least, you can try.“ He laughed. „Just kidding. You have no chance in hell. Not even if hell freezes over.“ He continued to laugh at his own bad joke—bending at the waist as oxygen was depleted from is lungs.
Gibbs just glared at him. „Did you want anything important, Tobias, or were you just trying to escape your damn hoover building?“ he asked in his no-nonsense way.
„Always a spoilsport.“ Fornell sighed. „At least you, Di-Nutzo, I expect something grand. You’re Italian; you cannot let down our roots for the dramatic flair.“
„I‘ll give you dramatic flair right now Tobias.“ Gibbs threatened.
Fornell only grinned before exiting quickly. His team had to finalize their roles, too.
He was excited to see if NCIS could beat the FBI‘s re-interpretation of West Side Story although he thought it was a bit sappy.

„Hey, Tim, what should we do for the annual Christmas play this time? I was thinking of Gremlins, but I think the props would be too expensive for that.“
Timothy McGee was no big movie buff (unlike his friend and colleague), but he knew that one and shuddered. „Tony! That was a comedy with horror elements in it. The Christmas play is also attended by the agents‘ families and kids, you know. We’re not doing that.“ He argued, trying to put some sense in Tony.
Tony just rolled his eyes. „Yeah, like Die Hard is exactly child-friendly material... Make a better suggestion if you have one.“
Now Tim just huffed.
„We‘ll brainstorm about this when we get back to the navy yard.“ He said, seeing Gibbs heading towards them.
„Seriously, who thought that making a theatre play as a law-enforcement agency was a good idea?“ Tony grumbled.A swift head slap cut off this train of thought.
„The same that thought it a good idea to give you your paycheck, DiNozzo.“
As always, Gibbs was killing off any creative thinking (or whining) his agents had and demanded them to work, work, work. Work...and get results.
„Let’s move back. Ducky’s here to take care of the body, and Abby’s waiting for the evidence to come in. Take an early lunch. We’ll meet back at the bull pen at 14 hundred.“ Gibbs ordered before he took off to his car.

DiNozzo and McGee grabbed their things, packed up the van, and drove it back into the city where they found a nice restaurant to supply them lunch.
„Can you believe it? Only a few years ago, It’d have been impossible to believe that we can actually have lunch while investigating a hot case.“ Tim commented to Tony while munching on his steak sandwich.
The older agent just nodded.
Tony didn’t like to talk about it much, but there had been a change at NCIS. Especially, with their team dynamics. After Ziva had left, Tony thought his world had fallen apart. He wasn’t entirely sure if he had loved her, but, the more time passed, the more sure he was that he just couldn’t cope with anyone leaving him or his life.
He knew that he was being self-centered. People had their own lives to live, too. But, although he never really liked his father, his abandonment had still hurt. It was the same with Ziva. It was just normal for him to see her there at her desk in the bullpen (even though, most of the time, she had mocked him and his abilities). Even though she never took him seriously, she was still a part of his family (though perhaps not the most important one). Still her leaving hurt. The first time, she stayed in Israel. The second time...she left for good.

„Earth to DiNozzo, you still there? Quit daydreaming.“ McGee scolded him like he was talking to a younger sibling.
„I wasn’t dreaming.“ Tony protested, knowing where Tim’s thought process was headed.
„Yeah, I know. You should stop talking to Delilah so much; she tells me everything.“ He snickered, making Tony blush.
„Never trust a woman... It’s already bad enough that Abby knows practically more about my sexlife than I do.“
„Eewww.“ Tim made a show of exaggerating his eye roll.
„Not gonna talk about it, Timmyboy. Don’t you worry.“ Tony smiled and took a bite out of his own sandwich.
„I know. I’m just glad that it came to this, Tony.“ Tim was being sincere now. Sincerity was something that was still difficult for Tony to accept.
For so long the Senior Field Agent had chosen to hide behind silly jokes, flat remarks and an overly confident nature that he had forgotten how to be just himself. He had to re-learn that and so much more as had the whole team.
„Enough with the talk McSappy. Let’s find some more ideas for this stupid play and if anyone’s gonna suggest Romeo and Juliet, I’m chopping their heads off.“ He grumbled while finishing the last of his pastrami sandwich.
McGee couldn’t help to grin like a chesire cat but he sobered up pretty quickly.
„I’m sure nobody will suggest that, not even Abby would be so bold.“ He placated his friend who was peaceful again.
„So, if Gremlin’s too hard for McSissy, we have to find something else we can do. Other Chrismas-sy movies such as Home Alone aren’t very practical for a play. Hey, McWriter, can’t you write something yourself? You are an author, are you not?“ He challenged his partner with a gleam in his eyes. It seemed Tony had got an idea.
McGee groaned. His stupid idea of writing a book about his teammates was still biting him in the ass, even though it happened nearly a decade ago.
„‘L. J. Tibbs Saves Christmas‘ or what?“ he scowled.
„Brilliant. Just make sure to give Bish a nicer characterization than you gave Agent ‚Meatball‘ Tommy.“ Tony stood up and grabbed his jacket. „By the way McTardy. We have about 3 minutes left till 14 hundred. I suggest we move, unless you want to face the wrath of the bossman.“ McGee blanched and quickly hurried towards the counter to pay for both of their meals. Tony smiled. „Works everytime.“ He said, placing his money back in his wallet. But they really did have to hurry or Gibbs would reconsider his new policy of still long (but not inhuman) work hours of „no lunch breaks or bathroom trips while having an active case“.


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