This is for a special Friend.

Pat had 3 prompts and I was able to use 2 out of 3 of them.

There are several OC's, but 2 are very stong women and remind me of you, Pat.

"He was older than she thought he would be" as a first line and it begins at a Christmas Market.

Hope you enjoy.

Itallics are thoughts or dreams.

Rated: FR15
Categories: General, General > Drama
Genre: Hurt/Comfort
Warnings: None
Challenges: Secret Santa 2017
Challenges: Secret Santa 2017
Series: None

He was older than she'd thought he would be.  That was her first thought.  But that really didn't matter.  She'd enjoyed the game.  Walking through the Christmas Market was a pleasure she always enjoyed.  Seeing the many vendors selling their wares, it was magical.  There were trinkets and presents everywhere, just waiting to become that special Holiday gift.  If you looked long enough you were almost guaranteed to find the perfect something for everyone on your list.  Oh, and the smells.  There was pine and cinnamon, nutmeg, holly berry and a host of deliciousness that went with each and every food vendor.  There was always so much food and so many choices. 


She'd often go to the Christmas Market several times during the Holidays.  Even after purchasing all her gifts it was just to experience the merriment and happiness that was this time of year.  So she was intrigued as she watched the grey haired man walking through the crowd.  He didn't seem to be in a hurry but he deftly avoided being jostled or bumping into anyone as he made his way through the crowds.  She followed him, discreetly of course, until she lost sight of him. 


Scanning the area, she spotted the back of his head as he took one of the side venues she knew was a dead-end alley.  So she kept an eye out as she looked over the various wares in the booths near the front of the alley.  Eventually he emerged and turned back into the crowd, moving swiftly ahead.  She had to hurry to follow him.


"You should find someone....interesting," she heard her Aunt say in her head.  What do you think I'm trying to do, she thought to herself in answer.


Looking up, again she thought she'd lost him.  She was just about to give up when she spotted him waiting in a small alcove next to several booths.  He'd turned towards her slightly giving her a profile view of his face.  Not bad, she thought to herself, not bad at all.  She saw the corner of his mouth lift in a small smile as if he'd heard her.  Maybe he did.  Or maybe he was psychic. 


He led her through the crowd once more.  Hurrying to catch up, Evie decided she'd take the bull by the horns to introduce herself.  Turning the corner she came to an abrupt stop ... else she'd run into him.  Her first thought was right; he was older than she'd thought he would be. 


"You looking for me?" he asked smoothly.  Looking into his crystal blue eyes, Evie had only one more thought.





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