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About Me: I decided to write a little about me. I have a disease. What I have is genetic. Iíve had this disease since I was around 7 years old, but just recently has gone a little downhill. It makes you tired, it attacks your bone marrow, give you a weakened immune system (this is why I donít work and hardly go out. When I do go out I carry around a bottle of Hand Sanitizer with me.) and it might give you cancer. It also makes you have mental difficulties, which is why I have trouble with math, grammar and English. I use Microsoft word Spelling and Grammar tool and it seems to work. I am transfusion dependent right now. Which means that I have to have two units of red cells every two months. It used to be every three months, but has dropped from three to two and once in a while one month. I have been recently informed that I have gum cancer. Which is what this disease can give you plus other cancers too. I have to go back a couple of weeks back to the Doctor and they will tell me what needs to be done and then the same day talk to the Anesthesiologist. The day before I have to go into my regular clinic and get a transfusion. I will have to have a platelet transfusion and possibly a blood transfusion too. I also don't have a lot of platelets either along with not many white cells. When I had my biopsy I had to go in the day before and have a blood and platelet transfusion. It had to be the day before because platelets only last a couple of days. No, I won't tell you what I have. I haven't even told my friends what I have. The only one's that know what I have is my family.

This coming week I will be going to the ENT Doctor and that's when he will tell us what's going to be happening. Then after that I will be going to the Anesthesiologist. Then the next week I will have my surgery. The ENT Doctor is still not sure if they are going to take my two back teeth out and cut the gum under the teeth, or if they will leave them in.

The surgery went well. They took out three of my back teeth and the Doctor put a graft on it and then used stitches to my tongue and the other side of the gum and a bolster to keep it from moving. This last week the stitches and the bolster was taken out, but it still kind of hurts. I will go back to the ENT Doctor next week and after that to my regular clinic.

Looks like I will be having another surgery done next Tuesday. The ENT Doctor said that there's more cancer on the gum. I will be going back on Monday to have another transfusion and on Tuesday I have the surgery.
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