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I've written fanfiction since I was a little kid, but I've only started posting it in the last year or so on Binge watching NCIS seasons 1-10 took me about 3 months, although I've watched LA from the beginning. My favorite character is McGee, but I've grown to love all of them, even Tony. I'm definitely a shipper, my favorite being McGibbs. So far for NCIS, I've only written slash. I have a 100k+ series which is a Supernatural crossover (Tim/Sam) which I intend to post, although my OTP is McGibbs. Inspiration for writing McGibbs has been from several writers from and here: hazelmom, Emerald, and more recently smartkid37. I appreciate well-written and edited writing, good and accurate characterizations, and hot, romantic erotica.

I have a tendency to write heightened emotion, and I am a sucker for a big ol' happy ending. In every sense.

I love discussing ideas and fanfiction culture (a cultural anthropology background will do that), so I welcome PMs. I haven't dipped my toe into forums yet.

This looks like a friendly group and I hope to make some good, positive contacts here.

I'm cross posting on other sites, so follow me on Twitter to be the first to know when something new goes up.
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